Just got past Level 17 Block! Where to from now?

I’ve been stuck on level 17 for almost a year for a variety of issues. I’ve just leveled up, on the 364th day. I didn’t want to let it reach one year.

I’ve found my motivation to learn again! I just have a problem. I’ve started doing my reviews again and got to zero, but i sorely lack practice grammar-wise now. What resources could i turn to to get back into the bath?


I recommend bunpro which is similar to wanikani but for grammer.


join a bookclub, haykyuu will start soon. the absolute beginner book club started recently a new book AFAIR. but then it depends whether you want only a good passive grasp on the language for now and whether the active langauge can wait or not. also you can use bunrpo’s list of grammar point to find articles about the points you see.

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