Just did my first 300+ Review

Some stuff happened and I wasn’t able to use WK for a few weeks, and I come back to 300+ reviews

It took me over 2 hours.

never again


Well done!

I had a review that was around 300 because I was on holidays and didn’t really feel like putting it in holiday mode.

I definitely know the ‘never again’ feeling.
Since then I’ve been on the ball and kept my reviews far below 100.

It’s motivating.

Are there even 300 items on level 4? :slight_smile:


When you get to a higher level, depending on how you pace your levels, you can get up to 300+ items piled up in 2 days. With my pace right now, I can get to 300+ if I did nothing until Saturday.

So here are some tips on keeping your workload from overwhelming you:

Keep track of your apprentice items, since those come back faster, comprising the bulk of your immediate workload.

Do your lessons according to how many low apprentice items you can handle. If you have a couple items bouncing around in the 4/8hr review area, don’t do any lessons until you get those up to apprentice 4.

Also, review several times a day, especially after lessons, so you can stay close to those 4/8hr reviews and increase your accuracy on apprentice items.

Finally, time your lessons right, so the first couple reviews don’t fall in a time frame where you couldn’t possibly attend to them, like when you should be sleeping, or you have work where you can’t grab you phone to do them, or something


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