Just a couple questions about this website

Wow, that was actually pretty awesome! I wish I had the money to back this enough to receive one. Maybe in the future xD

You lose nothing by trying it now :slight_smile:.

I never got on the kickstarter hype train :slight_smile: But I really thought this one could be my first. Too bad they only ship to the US.

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absolutely brilliant

I’m kind of hoping to purchase it when I could realistically be able to read it though :T

The written portion does indeed go on (he actually has a book for it), while the videos cut off fairly early. I think his guide goes to around N4, though some grammar points are kinda borderline between N4 and N3.

I was having this debate recently with someone and it seems to me that one is never ready until they’re neck deep in the brown stuff. That’s the way I look at these things usually, as I’ve noticed that the most progress tends to be made for me when I either have to sink or swim. If you don’t think you’re ready, I’d recommend you do it. It’s when you think you’re ready that you’re in trouble. Take that as you would :slight_smile:.

Besides, if you look at the beginner book club thread, you’ll see that at least the first chapter is available legally, for free, from the publisher’s website. Given that we are considering doing a chapter per week, you can give it a shot, and if you can’t keep up, you would’ve lost only time (which isn’t a loss given that you would have learnt at least one thing: you would have a better understanding of what, specifically, you need to work on) :slight_smile:.

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Hi @BurgerMeanie, given that you are very early in your Wanikani journey and many people complain about how slow it is at the beginning, now is the best time to start learning grammar. I have used Genki and found the accompanying CD to be really helpful.

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