Just a Brit, whose Japanese is... Less than satisfactory! (Study log)

It’s been a little while!

I have been so busy, it’s not funny! :rofl:

However, I have tried to keep on top of my reviews. I haven’t let them slip past 80 or so. I also haven’t been able to do new lessons every day, but I have slowly been making my way through them. I’m almost caught up with all of my vocabulary lessons now though. If I can keep up the pace of the past few days, then I should be learning new kanji next week! :slight_smile:

I’m currently in my spring break here in Japan, so I don’t have my regular job until the first week of April. But because they moved me from a 3 day job to a 5 day job from April, I have so much to do in preparation! Hence why I’m not keeping up to my previously very regular lesson format!

Still here though, and still keeping things moving! :smiley:


Have been mostly keeping up with reviews. I have whittled down my lessons to the last batch. Hopefully I can get these done tomorrow, and get back on track with new kanji!

I’'ve enjoyed many of the level 7 vocabulary items, such as 本当に, 日記, 作家, ~丁目, 中学生 and 小学生, as well as a few more. Many of them I know the meaning for already, and some are just interesting so it’s easier to remember them! I also like the mnemonic for 教える.

Tomorrow is another day!


Woohoooo! :partying_face::tada::mirror_ball::sparkles: congratulations on your progress and commitment!

My lesson picker screen looks quite similar - whittling away at level 19 vocab, occasionally letting myself do a couple of level 20 kanji :slight_smile:

Apologies if you’ve answered this elsewhere in your study log, but are there any other things alongside WK that you’re doing to learn and/or enjoy Japanese? No pressure ofc, just curious :blush:


Thank you!

Yeah, I finally got through all of my level 7 vocabulary today! Now I’m going to pace things better. 3 kanji and 9 vocabulary a day.

I’m currently only doing WK, and then everyday Japanese exposure and usage here in Japan. I haven’t actively been doing anything else for a little while now, partly because of time. I’m waiting to find the right moment to start trying to read a few manga I have stacked on my desk! I’m also planning to subscribe to BunPro once I hit level 10.

I had been doing Rocket Japanese, BunPro and playing a couple of games in Japanese. I’ve had to put these on hold due to not having enough time though.

I had a couple of months where I was able to really grind with my studies, but things got a bit busy from the end of February onwards. I’m hoping I can get back to doing a bit more, but it is unlikely to be until around summer I think! Sadly…


Oh yeah, sorry I had forgotten that you are in Japan! That’s awesome, I’m sure you’re getting lots of good doses of Japanese as you go about your days :cherry_blossom:

I miss Japan sometimes but I’m also content here in South Africa now so can’t really complain :relieved: I’m excited to visit again in the next few years though :hugs: currently balancing Japanese keenness with a desire to get better at Afrikaans and possibly also learn Xhosa… there are just too many cool languages :star_struck:

Thanks for sharing your journey with us, and long may it continue fruitfully :tada:

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