Juggling Wanikani with Bunpro

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I’m learning using both Wanikani and Bunpro, and I know a lot of other people are doing the same. I was wondering, do you have trouble juggling the two of them? Are most of you just focused on wanikani without using anything else? If you are using both, do you have a daily lesson goal for each?

This is just how it’s working for me, and I know my ADHD is attributing to it. Switching back and forth makes things more interesting for me. Sometimes I’ll do a bunch of bunpro, and ignore wanikani for a day, and other times I’ll do the opposite. For the most part I like to think “I’m focusing on wanikani, and doing bunpro if I have extra energy” but end up being all “Wee, grammar is fun” and focusing on bunpro.

Just curious how other peoples methods of mixing the two are.


I struggled juggling them at first too, and right now I stopped bunpro while I decided on a better schedule

I think it depends on how much time you spend on each item on average and what you want to focus on. For me, ADHD + me spending quite a bit on grammar points vs how quick I do on wk means I might start slow, doing it once or twice per week, so I don’t burn out or get distracted


I do both. WK (and vocab studies) are a constant effort, but I’m a lot more lenient with Bunpro. I’ll study up to 3 new points per day if I feel like it, but I find a good chunk of my time is looking things up separate of the SRS system.

Bunpro is more fun for me, but… I feel like there’s an end in sight. I will run out of new things to learn there much faster than I will run out of vocab to learn. Because of that I don’t feel pressured at all with Bunpro, I can just have fun with it.


I’m using both atm (making sure to do reviews daily for both) but i have no daily lesson goal for bunpro - rather i just add a grammar point to my reviews once i’m taught it elsewhere (be it my course, a tokini andy genki video, or research when reading).
this is because for me i find grammar a lot less fun than vocab and so it’s much more likely i’ll get burnt out if i overwhelm myself with reviews in bunpro (as i’ve done in the past!) :tiger: so i prioritise slower learning with bunpro to make sure i keep at it and don’t give up


I juggled them both in the beginning as well, but had to stop doing Bunpro and focus on WK shortly after.

While finishing WK, I was able to get through N4 and N5 grammar organically just through videos and reading.

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I only learn like 3-5 grammar points per week on Bunpro so I only spend like 5-10 min a day on it. There’s way less grammar points than vocab so I feel like that is the right speed to keep up with my kanji/vocab knowledge :smile:

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I am using both WaniKani and Bunpro at the same time, however I’ve started Bunpro much later than WaniKani.
Currently I am preparing myself to N2, and I must admit that finishing all the grammar from N5 to N2 levels in Bunpro helps a lot.
For example, as a part of my N2 studies, I bought myself some books and one of them was Soumatome series.
Bunpro definitely had me covered with all the grammar and Soumatome felt more like a review, rather than source of new stuff (if I remember correctly, except for few grammar points from N1, there wasn’t a single thing in Soumatome that I haven’t already done in Bunpro - and you can find those in Bunpro as well but in N1 level stuff).

Bottom line is - it is worth doing both, 3-5 grammar points per day is a good start, depending on personal preferences/abilities and time constraints.

Consistency is the key!


I echo many of the comments above too, with only learning a grammar point when having done so from other external resources (YouTube videos/textbooks/websites etc).

I’m definitely more relaxed with Bunpro as it doesn’t leave a harsh punishment feeling when making small typo errors with the “Oops” button and Off/Minimal Ghost available in the settings.

I also embrace making mistakes there because I know it will make it stick to my old brain better (which is the point of SRS at the end of the day). With WaniKani, I have to use the Self-Study Quiz userscript to work on my leeches and avoid the accumulation of Apprentice items.

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Yup. More relaxed with Bunpro.

I use Bunpro for a very specific purpose and it’s cramming and drilling grammar points after I’ve learned them in Genki or somewhere else.

I find Bunpro’s grammar explanations to be too dry to be the main source of info. But it’s great for drilling.

I do WaniKani once or twice a day and I do Bunpro in short bursts or stretches here and there while abusing the vacation mode.

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This is something I wonder about. My goal was to get to lvl 10 and then start on ‘the books’…but of course, I started earlier, and then found it difficult. I’m always surprised at how much easier it is after another level or two of WK, where I’m, ‘Hey, I know that word…and I know that word…and I know that word!!’ and then I can often figure out (enough of) the rest.


Personally, it wasn’t so much leveling in WK, but it was something to do as a break from WK. :wink:

Plus, I took about 2.5 years to finish WK, so I went over the material several times over that period either through YouTube videos or reading through the lessons on Bunpro without doing the SRS part.

If you think about, that’s a lot of time for material that you could probably cram in a month or two.

Two videos that really stood out to me as good are Game Gengo’s N4 and N5 series:


Yes! I have both bookmarked and watch now and then when I want to actively listen.