JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Book Club (Volume 2) 血の渇き![Volume Finished]

Give it a few chapters and a certain Italian baron will come along to fix that.
“You can’t beat the Stone Mask with courage alone!”


Oh, that explains the name. I was having a lot of trouble figuring out what the katakana were mapping to, but since I know next to nothing about Italian, it makes sense.

What part are you at right now? If I recall correctly, Zeppeli reveals he’s Italian through a backstory. I think that’s midway through volume 3.

I finished volume 3 a while ago but I’ve been waiting for the group to catch up.
Hm, if it’s the backstory I’m thinking about the one explaining how his father got turned by the stone mask and how he was the only survivor, then it may have just slipped my mind (things are already getting a bit blurry).
Mostly, I kept wondering what ツェ was supposed to be originally. Thanks to you I know it’s Ze :slight_smile:

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Happy Wednesday, club members!

Another two chapters of light reading for this week. I don’t anticipate many grammar questions about these two chapters. Time seems to be flying, we’re almost on volume 3! I hope those who fell behind can get back up!
March 4 - March 11: ディオとの青春ニ決着

Just waiting for my man Zeppeli to come in. Any second now.


Yet another light chapter! While I appreciate this, I’m worried that next chapters will be really text-heavy again!

On a slightly unrelated note, I held a presentation on character design for my English teacher where I deconstructed Jotaro Kujo’s design (that’s the main protagonist in a later JoJo part, if you’re somehow unaware!) and I received the highest possible grade! I’m really happy that I got to talk about something I’m passionate about, especially JoJo. :slightly_smiling_face: (Sorry if this was too irrelevant, I’ll delete it if necessary! Just wanted to share :joy:)


Ahhh, that’s awesome! Would be super interested in the class response to JoJo!

It was extremely satisfying to watch Dio go down this week. When I was watching the anime, I remember mostly just seeing Jonathan as a bit of a meathead dummy, but the manga does a lot more to endear him to you. He seems pretty intelligent, being the first to study the stone mask and pulling off a few good strategies in this fight against a much stronger foe.

Not much to talk about this week story-wise or grammar-wise for me, although that didn’t seem to stop Speedwagon from running his mouth constantly. :joy: I read ahead a couple of chapters this week, so I’m excited to talk about those next time.

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Because it was a mock exam, I only had to present for my teacher! I’m not sure I would have the guts to introduce such a… Bizarre series to my class, where most of the students are rather straight-laced and serious! :joy:

I’ve noticed this as well; as much as I like the anime adaptation, I feel like it cut a bit too much character development for Johnathan out. It’s nice to see him more in action during the earlier sections of this part, which has a particular focus on character development!
And yeah, Speedwagon is quite the talker… I would normally find this rather annoying, but I like Speedwagon, so he gets a pass from me. :joy:

I’m gonna be doing work for a camp in the wilderness for all of next week, so if it’s okay with the club members, I’d like to make next week an off-week to let everybody catch up.
@BlackSwordsman are the people that said they were planning to catch up. If this idea is cool with y’all, reading will resume in two weeks (after, of course, the next two chapters that starts tomorrow, 3/11). Leaving club members in the dust isn’t my style.

A while back I watched a YT video about what makes a good character design, and the narrator made a big point about how Jotaro Kujo is a simple but interesting example because he has many subtle signals that show his personality (school uniform worn open, torn cap, chain, etc). Funny that you basically presented that to your teacher. This year in English class, we were given a weighted assignment where we partnered up with one other person and analyzed a few pieces of media that depict gender roles. Seeing as we had only two days to do the assignment and the plan to take the project seriously was thrown out the window, my friend and I analyzed JoJo’s as one of our medias. It got a B with minimal effort, we look back on it and laugh how we were able to get away with that.


Fine with me-- I’m moving this weekend, so definitely wouldn’t mind some extra time.

JoJo is pretty interesting in this regard, at least with how it depicts men. Especially as the series goes on. It plays heavily with a lot of stereotypes of hyper-masculinity but also really enjoys subverting them with visual design choices and subtle character writing. There’s a lot less to unpack with JoJo’s women characters. Araki has proven a few times he’s perfectly capable of creating and writing women just as well as men, but I just don’t think it interests him as much in general.

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Hey all, I was supposed to start the next week (last 2 chapters of volume 2!!) yesterday, I was preoccupied with many other things. Next week is a break. By March 25, have volume 2 finished and starting that day will be volume 3. Cool? Cool.


One week until the club moves to volume 3! Just a reminder that even I needed. Time for me to actually get back into reading.


Yeah same. I’m so far behind on my studies. :frowning:

I’ve been in some level of home lockdown in NYC for a couple of weeks now, been really hard not to read ahead too much! I think I might start JoJo’s part 6 Star Ocean (in English) to fill the void…

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Hey guys, hope you’ve got volume 2 all finished. I’ll be starting the discussion thread for volume 3. This week’s reading is the first two chapters for volume 3. Thanks for reading along.


I hope to join y’all soon!


It is in Yomichan, though. (Not really in Jisho or perhaps JMDict. Also, somehow, both Weblio and Goo searching failed.)

After that, searching now works.

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i accuse you of capping

I don’t know what that means :sweat_smile: