Join Us! Starting July 10th: それでも歩は寄せてくる・ When will Ayumu Make his Move? ♟

Welcome to それでも歩は寄せてくる :chess_pawn:

We’re reading this at the Absolute Beginner Book Club!

Want to join? Grab a copy and sit with us to read and discuss starting July 10th. You can tell us if you’re going to join in the poll below! Also, it’s better if you put on “watching” this thread so you’ll be always updated on what’s going on! (´。• ᵕ •。`)

You don’t know if it’s for you? Check the Nomination post for more details or read the first chapter for free on comic.pixiv. Don’t worry if at first it looks a bit difficult: we’ll be here for questions and doubts, and the vocabulary sheet will help you a lot (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Buy the Book

Physical | Amazon JP | Kinokuniya (US)

eBook | BookWalker | Kindle | Kobo

If you haven’t used Amazon JP before, note that you will need a separate account.
CDJapan has (slow) economy shipping options available so is usually cheaper.

Reading Schedule

Week Start date Chapter Page Numbers Page count*
Week 1 July 10th 第01局 03-10 7
Week 2 July 17th 第02局 13-20 7
Week 3 July 24th 第03-04局 23-38 15
Week 4 July 31st 第05-06局 41-56 15
Week 5 August 7th 第07-08局 59-76 17
Week 6 August 14th 第09-10局 79-94 15
Week 7 August 21st 第11-12局 97-112 15
Week 8 August 28th 第11-14局 + おまけ 115-139 24

*in the page count, the shogi’s panels aren’t considered.

Vocabulary List

Please read the guidelines on the first page of the sheet before adding any words.


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Welcome everyone („• ֊ •„) So glad to see you here!

First things first: let’s fix when to start this book club! Is it July 10th a good start for you?

It’s exactly a week after Teasing Master Takagi-san, but if you need an extra week, it is totally fine!

I’ll leave you a small poll here to gather opinions!

When do you want to start reading それでも歩は寄せてくる?

  • July 10th
  • July 17th

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I think the link you posted to the book on CD Japan goes to some sort of plastic folder with book artwork on it rather than the book? I couldn’t find the listing for the book on CD Japan when I searched.


Thank you for pointing it out! However I had to remove the link since I cannot find anything on CDJapan.

Has anyone some other valid suggestions for buying the physical copy of それでも歩は寄せてくる?

One option is to have everyone exhaust the supply over at (only nine copies left!).

I’ve never bought from, but I’ve seen others on the forum mention buying from them from outside of Japan. I don’t know if a separate shipping service is needed to accept the package in Japan, then ship it to outside of Japan.

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Copied from the ABBC home thread. Kinokuniya could be an option for people in USA.

Amazon JP do say they have more on the way when the 9 in stock are sold. I usually order from CD Japan if I’m getting a physical copy, but I have ordered from Amazon JP before to to the UK and had a good service. Book arrived in about a week.


Yeah, I was thinking about adding that link for US readers, while for others it’s better if we keep Amazon JP.

I have ordered from Amazon JP plenty of times and got my books just in few days. An amazing service every single time!

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I will keep the poll open till 6PM GMT+2!

So… we have a starting date: from July 10th we’ll be reading all together それでも歩は寄せてくる!

We have less than a month to get physical copies - I’ll personally read it through BookWalker!


I wonder if it might be worth splitting chapters 1 and 2 into separate weeks. The start of a book is often the most challenging part, especially for new readers. Perhaps a lower page count the first two weeks would help newer readers get going?


Hi :slight_smile:
I just started learning japanese and this will be my first book.
At the moment i am level 7 in WK and on Chapter 8 in Genki. (I think i will be finished with Genki 1 at the start of the book).
Could someone give me an astimation? Is the Genki 1 Grammar enough for this one?

I´m really excited for this one because it will be my first reading attempt outside from Genki :slight_smile: And i wanted to thank you guys for helping beginners out with these book clubs.
(btw i dont know if my english is readable, i am not a native, sorry for mistakes)


I think if you have finished Genki 1 by the start of the club that would be helpful! There will be grammar you haven’t learned yet, but people in the community are really great about answering questions and you can always look up the grammar. As long as, you’re willing to spend extra time looking stuff up I think you should be okay. Also, if you start and you find that the pace is too fast you can always read slower than the schedule to make it more manageable. (Also, your english is perfectly readable :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)


I think being familiar with all the inflections when you look up a verb in Jisho helps a lot. If there is anything Genki 1 doesn’t cover, just watching some Youtube videos would be helpful (I can suggest Japanese Ammo with Misa channel).

For example;


Looking over the first two chapters, I agree. For first time readers, one page per day may give enough of a workout, versus having to get through two pages.


Yes, I thought about that too but I didn’t know if it was good/possible to go farther in August!

I’ll split the 1st and 2nd chapter and adjust the schedule then ☆彡

Edit: updated. The club will finish on August 28th.


The eBook is free on Amazon JP (Kindle) right now.


Thanks for the heads-up. It seems it’s free on Bookwalker too.


Kobo says, “Lemme just de-list volume one completely, and not put the temp free version up.”

Maybe it’ll show up a little later. I see the Takagi grown-up series has vols 1-3 listed as temp free currently.


Edit: I misunderstood XD

Yes, this book is free to download and keep forever on bookwalker. What great timing!

You have until 1st July to get this book free. Don’t miss out!