Join us! 極主夫道 ・The Way of the Househusband Volume 1 (Beginner Book Club)

The mall won out for me because Miku being the queen of impulse buys and throwing a tantrum in the face of this scary-looking yakuza dude was just :kissing_closed_eyes::ok_hand:

And then it was finished by said scary-looking yakuza dude showing up in an anime apron, and Miku nerding out over it. You can’t beat that :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Roomba was my second choice because of the chaos and the relatability of a cat just throwing everything into disarray. But it’s honestly so close between all of them…


Roomba jumped straight to the top for me after reading it and nothing topped it in my mind. Picking a second chapter was difficult. Almost picked mall but thought maybe I was picking it because it was fresh. So, I flipped through each chapter, slowly for roomba :smile_cat: , and picked mall anyway. It’s the ending あのふたりやばいよ。:laughing:


I love those too! Forgot where exactly the cat chaos was when voting which makes roomba a much closer competitor. It’s truly a tough choice!

I have to go with birthday present at the top because I love how they pushed the concept all the way to throwing a party that looks like this ritual, and checking her before she goes in the room and all. It was a great way to transpose the two identities. And the sudden cut to his attempt at cutting off his finger was the most the manga made me genuinely laugh across the whole volume.


Y’all have clearly forgotten the brilliance of the bargain sale chapter. The scene where Tatsu is chewing out guys who were, moments ago, trying to kill him cannot be topped. I laughed for days. And the heartwarming gloves scene? Did you forget that? It needs more votes.
Ah, but there were so many good ones.


When I was trying to do that poll myself I immediately regretted only allowing 2 choices, it was really difficult to settle on just two :joy:


Yeah, that chapter was a trip for sure, in the best kind of way. I think that was also our intro to Miku as a character, right? Aside from chapter 1’s “crap, I’m late” moment, that is, but really as the “voice of reason” (but only in some situations, as it turns out later)?

I loved it when Miku just Falcon Punched Tatsu out of the window :joy:

That’s the crux, isn’t it? The salesman wondering why he’s still there eating Hamburg steak while scared pantsless, the two yakuza dudes making croquettes, Tatsu flying off the handle to a bunch of rival gang members about their bargain hunting skills, the oddly intimidating explanation of what makes a 2x4 such good material for a cute bear-themed chair… It’s just too good :smile:


That was amazing… I think every chapter that features Tatsu and Miku together is my favorite…


I’m really happy to see how many people enjoyed this manga :smiley: And with currently 10 votes in favour of reading more volumes together, I’d say that’s definitely enough to keep going :grin:

Would there be any volunteers for running the offshoot book club? I’m not planning to read the next volume right away, and I think it’s easiest if the book club is run by someone who’s reading along. If not I can of course keep posting threads but I’d appreciate it if someone could take over :smiley:


I could do it.
No promises past book 2, though.


That’d be great, thank you! :blush: @Mods could you please make the first post a wiki? Then @Wildjinjer can take over for now :smiley:


I’ve made the post a wiki, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you also want to transfer ownership of the thread to @Wildjinjer?


Thank you! And sure, I didn’t know that was possible but sounds like a good idea :smiley:


Hi y’all!

Those of you who wanted to keep reading, when do you want to start the second volume?
(Note that I made the first week short, so that it’s easier to catch up if you join later.)

  • I’m ready right now
  • Give me a week
  • I need a couple weeks

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I’ve created a meta-page to host the offshoot book club. If you are planning on continuing, please “watch” it!

Also, I may have made a mess of the first post in this thread before coming to my senses and making a separate thread for the offshoot club. (I accidentally erased the poll showing the members :sob:, for example). If you find any other weird errors, let me know.