Join us! 日常・Nichijou 🦌 (Beginner Book Club)

This is the quality for Kindle version(both on my phone and on my kindle).
It doesn’t matter. I m gonna stick to this club till the end :smiley:
So, it starts tomorrow :heavy_heart_exclamation: how things are supposed to work with the book clubs?


There is a discussion thread, usually one a week/chapter, but sometimes one for a whole book. It kind of depends on the expected amount of discussion. At the start of the week, the new thread is posted (so any time soon now!). You can post any questions or remarks you have about the week’s reading there. It’s a lot of fun :grin:


Week 1

Well, a week late, but here we go!

For those currently enjoying their Friday lunch: the threads go up at this time because it’s Saturday morning in some parts of the world already :stuck_out_tongue:

Key bit of advice: set this thread to ‘watching’ (there’s an option just below the blue ‘reply’ button at the bottom of the thread where you can select watching, tracking, normal, muted) - that way you’ll be notified when I post the new discussion thread each week.


Those would be the overachievers who are trying to make us Americans look bad. Especially those of us on the west coast. (But at least I’m not Hawaii.)


Thanks for the feedback on the kanji/image quality every one! I’m probably not joining in on this due to time, but my wife is. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello. I’ve read some light novels on my own, but this will be my first time in a book club. I couldn’t decide whether to do this one or the absolute beginner one, so I’m doing both :slight_smile:


I had the same problem with book walker, but I managed to download a sample on kindle as well and the quality is the same. You can’t really read the furigana of small kanji.

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There are external resources.
If you look over on the internet, there’s a typing game (probably of questionable legality) which asks you to type kana for this chapter and it has copypastable kanji. Also there’s a bot on twitter with some quotes as well, so finding text can be done.

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My book just arrived! Perfect timing! I’m really excited. I’ve never joined a book club before.


Hello all!
I just finished reading 霧のむこうのふしぎな町 referencing the completed book club, which was helpful, so I decided to read along with this since I can do it ‘live’ this time! :slight_smile:


Week 2

Well done to everybody who has made it through the first week’s reading!

If you haven’t finished chapter 1 yet, don’t worry, as you can continue to post questions about the content in the chapter 1 thread as long as you need to.

This week we’re tackling two chapters. It’s only a couple of pages more, but there is probably a bit more text overall.


Week 3

Slightly fewer pages this week :grin: hang in there! If you can get past the hump of the first few weeks you’ll be off.


Week 4

Just one chapter this week, cos it’s a decent bit on its own. But, lowest page count yet!

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Week 5 Discussion

Three chapters this week! But you’ll see why when you get to chapter 9 :wink:


Alright, brace yourself for some spamming, boys and girls:

The Beginner Book Club is now voting on our next pick to follow this one: vote now!


Hi everyone! I’m a little behind, but I’m gonna catch up with y’all :slight_smile:


Heads-up: I’m going to re-jig our schedule slightly so that we will tackle only chapter 10 in the upcoming week, and pairs of chapters thereafter. It gives us a slightly less even workload later, but I thought it might be a useful opportunity for anybody who is just a little behind and wants to catch up, and also means we don’t end on a somewhat anticlimactic 8-pager.


Week 6 Discussion

As promised, this will be a slightly lighter week covering only one chapter, so if you’re a little behind this is the perfect opportunity to do a bit of catching up :grin:


[Week 6: Chapter 10]
Perfect timing to learn a new word :wink:


Week 7