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Alright, brace yourself for some spamming, boys and girls:

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Hi everyone! I’m a little behind, but I’m gonna catch up with y’all :slight_smile:


Heads-up: I’m going to re-jig our schedule slightly so that we will tackle only chapter 10 in the upcoming week, and pairs of chapters thereafter. It gives us a slightly less even workload later, but I thought it might be a useful opportunity for anybody who is just a little behind and wants to catch up, and also means we don’t end on a somewhat anticlimactic 8-pager.


Week 6 Discussion

As promised, this will be a slightly lighter week covering only one chapter, so if you’re a little behind this is the perfect opportunity to do a bit of catching up :grin:


[Week 6: Chapter 10]
Perfect timing to learn a new word :wink:


Week 7

I don’t know if there is going to be a poll later on, but is there a plan to continue reading 日常 with a spin-off book club? I know the discussions have fewer messages than the other clubs (maybe that’s my bias since からかい上手の高木さん is an ABBC), but it is really fun trying to understand all the puns and references in 日常 with the book club!


Having physically purchased the first three volumes I’ve been wondering the same thing myself. I’d certainly like to continue on in a book club fashion as well but I think you’re right that the conversation has been a bit sparse. Sure, I’m partly to blame. This being my first book club, in any language, I’m still trying to learn how to ask the right questions and share helpful information. Anyhow, I plan to continue with 日常、especially considering I read the free chapter of the next book in the BBC and disliked it very much.


I bought the second volume a few days ago, so I would read along if the book club continues :grin:


@liveunderwater @Jiell_1
Great! I will get a few of the next volumes with my Amazon Japan order for July’s reading clubs.

This will be a long journey but I’m also planning to complete reading 日常, and then continue with Arawi Keiichi’s other manga CITY, which is not adapted into an anime yet.

Oooh I would be very interested in reading CITY as well.

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Usually I’d poll people right at the end to see if there’s enough interest for a spin-off :slightly_smiling_face: but there would need to be a volunteer to run it as I won’t continue myself.

On which note I’m sorry I haven’t personally been active in the threads; the person running it should really make some effort to engage in the discussion, but it’s been a bit of a time!


I can volunteer if enough people are interested, but I would need some guidance since I never run a book club before. :slight_smile:


Thank you :blush: it’s not too difficult to run the off-shoots, as we usually do just one thread per volume, and I can point you to existing clubs to copy. Anyway, let’s see when we get to the end of this one :grin:


Week 8

We’re getting close…


Week 9

The penultimate week is here!


Week 10

We have made it to the final week!

I’ll be posting some polls on the book as a whole at the end of the week, so keep an eye out :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi everyone!

I’m a full-time lurker, but I just wanted to drop in and say thank you to everyone who did comment, and who contributed to the vocab list. It’s my first book club here, and this was actually the first full Japanese book (excluding children’s picture books) that I’ve finished. You’ve all been incredibly helpful to me, and now I feel more encouraged to keep going.

Thank you all!


yay finally got round to finishing this

got some funny looks while I was sniggering to myself on the underground :sweat_smile:


Here be polls


Would you be interested in continuing to read this series with the club?

  • I want to continue reading this series with a club
  • I will continue to read this series on my own time
  • I’m not going to keep reading this one

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We do need a reasonable number of people to make an offshoot viable. If there aren’t really enough, a possible alternative is to create a general discussion thread where people can freely discuss / ask questions about future volumes.

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