Join us! ハイキュー・Haikyuu! 🏐 (Beginner Book Club) - Starting December 12

Thank you so much! <3 <3 <3

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Looks like the first five Haikyuu volumes are currently free for a limited amount of time on amazon and some other retailers.
(I’m not sure how the whole limited time thing works, does that mean the book will disappear from your library once the trial period is over? Or do you actually get to keep it?)
I’m assuming most people here already have the book since we already started, but maybe if someone wants to join in late they can make use of it :sweat_smile:


For the limited ones like this they will become unreadable when the time period ends. :slight_smile:

Week 3 is up!


thanks, i forgot

Hello ハイキュー readers!

The Beginner Book Club is now voting on what we should read after ハイキュー!

You should vote :wink:


next week is up


Hey everyone! I heavily underestimated the sheer amount of time it would take to manually enter all of the vocabulary into anki decks, but I managed to make a deck for chapter 1.1 if anyone wants to download and use it! Haikyuu Book Club Chapter 1.1 - AnkiWeb

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you can export the vocab sheet to csv and then import it with anki if you don’t care about the sentence. you could even use the migaku japanese addon to add audio!

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you are 1000% correct. I will give that a go!

I noticed there has been quite a drop-off in engagement this past week.

Any thoughts? I for one have struggled with the teeny tiny furigana. It makes every lookup a real pain in the arse.


For me, I think it’s been a combination of the following:

  • Work, unfortunately.

  • The characters all look the same to me, and they aren’t particularly interesting enough to be distinctly identified.

  • I have no interest in the book’s subject matter, plot, dialogue, etc. I’d never seen the anime prior to the start of the club, and have only watched the first episode after reading the applicable chapters in the book. I know this is only the first book, but it’s really not grabbing my attention in any aspect.

  • I’ve been furiously making Netrunner decks in as much secret as possible for my husband’s surprise birthday today for our friends to play.

As much of a lurker as I am, I thoroughly enjoy the existence of the book club, and hopefully next week will settle down so I can catch up and contribute!


Yeah, half the time I ignore it and just use the 部首 lookup on Jisho for the kanji.

January is slow in general due to the holiday hangover. :wink:

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I fell behind last week due to my dad being sick, and I’m struggling to catch up at the moment. I’m about half way through Chapter 3 right now so I’m less behind than I was last Saturday and should hopefully be back on track by the start of the next chapter.

I agree the tiny Furigana slows me down a lot, especially as some of the kanji is hard to see too.
I’m trying to fill in some of the gaps in the vocab list as I’m going, but I’m a bit worried about messing something up since I’m one of the weaker readers!

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In that case maybe we would’ve been better off scheduling a week off, or making week 5 a two-week ‘week’.

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I think unfortunately given that it’s quite dense and each week has quite a lot to read (if you are as slow as me at least) then once you fall behind then it can be quite a hill to climb back up! I’ve been sick for the last week so also will be trying to catch up for next week but given I’m still getting headaches when trying to read for longer than half an hour that might not happen.

If there’s enough others that have fallen behind then don’t know if it might still be an option to have a pause or slower catch up week as you suggested? If most people are doing okay though then I’m sure we will catch up!


I’ve personally been drowning in work and family commitments this month, so I’ve fallen behind and am just starting the Chapter 3/Week 4 reading this week. This is the first week I’ve noticed that the vocabulary list is not too populated, so I’ll actively be adding to it. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up by the end of next week! :slightly_smiling_face:

ハイキュー・Haikyuu! volleyball (Beginner Book Club) - Week 5 is up

there will probably be a bigger gap between week 3 and 4 than 4 and 5 (69 -> 34 -> 30 -> 19 -> 9(but it’s the first day so i expect it to go up).

But my point was that week 4 wasn’t a great week. It seems we lost a lot of people. After a whole week of reading we only had 9 posts. The vocab list is only just being finished off. We can plough forward into week 5, but at this rate not a whole lot of people will be able to post anything in the week 5 thread during week 5.