Join Us! デスノート ・ Death Note (Beginner Book Club) // Reading: Volume 11

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I would like to continue Death note, it has been fun so far, however I think the monthly schedule might be too short, I’d like to continue the 1 chapter a week pace, and I feel like if we’re synchronized in our reading it might be best for discussion, since I sometimes can’t recall exactly what has happened in chapters I read some time ago.
With this in mind, since volumes seem to have about 9 chapters each, I would prefer a 9 week schedule per volume (we can still just keep 1 thread going, since the discussion won’t be as populated).
If others think this pace is too slow I can just read at my pace and comment later, I’ll make a small poll to see if anyone agrees with this scheduling.

  • One volume a month schedule
  • One chapter a week schedule
  • Another schedule

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Yes! I want to keep on reading!

I think this manga is challenging, so 1 chapter a week is hard enough.


I think weekly schedule is indeed better for thorough discussions (as long as there are people who want to discuss thoroughly).

The only fear is whether the series will be completed some day. As a matter of fact, reading slowly blunts the drive, and makes it harder to complete the whole thing.

Might be a nice idea??? Yes, it will reduce my workload. But it makes followers harder to follow.

  • One chapter per thread
  • One volume per thread
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Nonetheless, now (immediate future) is more important than the unknown future…

I don’t think I want to plan too far ahead and make everything set in stone.

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I can’t edit the title for some reasons, but I prefer the title to be - “Continuing Vol 2 on 4 Apr - デスノート ・ Death Note (Beginner Book Club)”.

As I have edited the first post, there is a thing I wonder - Page Number. Personally, I am reading Bookwalker e-book in Monochrome version. I can’t be sure the physical ones will have the same number. (While Full Color versions almost certainly do.)

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I’ve been following some bookclubs and when it’s few people in them there are usually no more than 10 posts per chapter, so it would still be an alright amount for one thread.
I agree that completing it faster would be better for drive but I also agree with Toyger that it has been a pretty challenging read, and for now one chapter a week seems like the limit. Maybe further down the line we can vote again and speed things up if everyone agrees.


This is not strictly a rule but most boook clubs start on saturdays, so it might be good to keep that tradition. But in the end it is up to you

The tried and tested method is to have one thread per volume but weekly posts. Example

Only Regulars or owners of the thread can change the title!


I will make it start at Sat 2 April, then. (Nice, not an April’s fool)

I will pretty much copy the example, as well as migrate the timing and polls to the “Volume 2” thread. (Which is easy, as the first post is already a Wiki.) I will probably create a new thread tomorrow.

I think I used to be a Regular as well; but then I regressed to a Member, as I stopped using WaniKani and learning Japanese.

Forgive me if I went overboard (with a public Google Sheets), but I decide to merge the vocabulary list, for all volumes just like the example.

As a matter of fact, a specific sheet in the whole can be selected, although not readily apparent. The easiest way is simply copy the URL from the navigation / search bar.

The secret here is the #gid= URL hash.

As for browsing the volumes, click the bottom left,



I have created a thread for Vol 2 just now.


I found Death Note (Anime version) in my regional Netflix, but there is no Japanese subtitle… I wonder what I can do?

Sometimes if you change the language for your netflix profile to Japanese that will unlock Japanese subtitles.


Thanks, although it doesn’t work.

I also checked OpenSubtitles, and it has only some episodes (like 3/37)

Yeah, they’re just not available outside Japan for some series, Cowboy Bebop was the same. So you might need to use a VPN to gain access to Netlfix JP and then you can use it. Or you can try without subs and see how that goes.


What happens after vol.2 ends?

  • I would continue on time :mantelpiece_clock:
  • I have already read ahead, so might just join the discussion :people_holding_hands:
  • Soon / Interesting, so some day. :thinking:
  • I am dropping out, for now. :sleeping:

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How about a pause?

  • Just continue to Vol. 3 next week :athletic_shoe:
  • 1-week break
  • 2-week break
  • Something else

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How about the pace?

  • Just right (1 week per chapter :bookmark_tabs:)
  • 2 weeks per chapter, or longer
  • Mind not the chapter, but the volume, like 1 month per volume

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I am worried about the audience size, but personally I would continue to Vol.3, nonetheless. There will probably be a 1-week break, then I would make the decision about the pace on Jun 10, Thu 2022-06-09T17:00:00Z.

After that, the decision would be volume-by-volume basis


So I didn’t continue and dropped Vol1 …was too much for me but if it’s worth anything we have a tiny group for teasing master … there might be 6 of us now? but we still enjoy reading…and going to start Vol7 in a few weeks.

Even if it’s only a few of you don’t let that stop you from running a club with only a handful of folks…eventually some people may come back and read it later after the club stopped and then at least the resources that were built are there… I’ve did that for rental niichan that had 4 volumes… might do the same if this one ever finishes…but need to up my reading levels a bit more before trying this again :wink:


It seems many are dropping off for now. I wish to continue, but don’t mind a break if others are more likely to join again after a pause, or at a lower speed. I voted my own preference, but am open for other variations.


Yeah, I’ll probably continue reading it anyways but it’s better doing it as a group for sure. I am adaptive to changes in pace if necessary



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It doesn’t look like the poll will change much, so I decided to open a new thread now – to give time for yet another voting.