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omg I bought the first volume at the airport when I was coming back from Japan around 4 years ago (I was about to buy the whole series but decided against it since I couldn’t actually read Japanese :P). I am not sure the level is right for me, especially cause I haven’t studied Japanese for the last 2 years and just got back to it, but I will try to follow along :smiley:


I love the coverart of this edition! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Week 2 is now live


The Beginner book club is currently voting on what to read next! Have a look:


My copy of Death Note vol 1 finally arrived :partying_face: . Let’s do this!


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I feel like some kind of cheater lol
I mean… I’m reading the manga, alright… transcribing it into my evernote to make notes on it and be able to work with the text … but since I installed yomichan, it just kinda feels way too easy :see_no_evil:
I’m not really breaking it down in the way other people seem to, more just understanding the text… and I’m putting the words I have to look up into Anki (got it linked with Yomichan) but I’m not too certain, I’ll actually do the reviews on those words ^^’’

When I was trying to go through with Mitsuboshi Colors I had to google (well… at least use the vocabulary sheet) for a lot of stuff… but now with Yomichan I pretty much don’t have to do that (anything) anymore at all and I’m just feeling like… what the heck is going on I must be doing something terribly wrong this can’t be so easy what’s going oooon :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:


The only thing I can recommend is to actually go through those words in Anki. That’s what I usually do. I think using Yomichan is okay, but long-term one should definitely not abuse it :slight_smile: .


yeah I actually started that some hours ago :slight_smile:
it’s not that hard either because most words I added are just unknown kanji (for words I already know)


I’d say the most important thing is whether you understand the grammar.

If you do understand the grammar, then focusing on adding words to Anki sounds like the right activity to focus on. (Even better if you’re working your way up to creating sentence cards rather than vocabulary cards.)

On the other hand, if you don’t know (all) the grammar you encounter, and you are trying to put together meaning from sentences, then I highly recommend working on learning the grammar (better).

Does Yomichan utilize frequency lists? If so, you can add only high-frequency words, which will result in a lower volume. This may help if you feel having too many cards may prevent you from doing reviews.

On the other hand, if the issue is that you don’t normally do Anki reviews, I like to do my Anki reviews immediately after WaniKani reviews (time permitting) to ensure I don’t forget Anki.


The thread for week 4 is now live


Week 5 is now live!


A quick plot of the club at the half way mark (I included both “I’m reading along” & “I’m planning to catch up later” for now)


That’s about normal I think =P


Week 6 is up!


I was kind of wondering. Since we’re just doing volume 1 now and the story just gets more and more interesting from volume 2 on, should we have a separate book club and continue with the story?

I know it might be too many book clubs, though.


After the first volume is done I will hold a poll to gauge the interest in a spin off book club. If there is enough interest we will continue!


I am grateful, thank you! :bowing_man:
I see that the attendance is dropping slightly so I would be perfectly okay with a less-than-a-book-club option as well.


Never too many book clubs :wink:
I’ve seen series to an end with only two people + a third catching up, we still finish it =P
Just knowing someone else is also reading along can be the motivation needed to get the reading done.
So I’m game, no mater how many or few we are, even if just to click “still reading along” :wink:
I’ll read it on my own if not, but now that I have started I’ll do the whole series as my main reading.


I decided to drop this book. It is not easy - to hold the book with one hand, phone with magnifying glass app in another hand flashlight on, vocabulary sheet - on one computer monitor, DeepL - on another. See you next months at 夜カフェ discussion. Hopefully reading with BookWalker will be easier.