Join us! シメジシミュレーション・Shimeji Simulation 🍄 (Beginner Book Club)

Welcome to シメジシミュレーション :mushroom:

We’re reading this as the Beginner Book Club!

If you want to take part… just buy the book and join in the discussion! There’s also a membership poll further down.

Not sure if this is for you? Check out the Nomination Post. You can also read the first two chapters for free on comic.pixiv before committing - remember that your fellow book club members and the vocab sheet will be here to help you out though :wink:

Buy the Book

Physical | CDJapan | Amazon JP

eBook | BookWalker | Kobo | Kindle - note: Kindle images are poor quality in browser

If you haven’t used Amazon JP before, note that you will need a separate account.
CDJapan has (slow) economy shipping options available so is usually cheaper.

Reading Schedule

Week      Start Date   Chapter             Page Numbers    Page Count
Week 1 September 26th       1 - ともだち 5 - 14 10
Week 2 October 3rd   2 - よしか 17 - 26 10
Week 3 October 10th   3 - あなほり 29 - 38 10
Week 4 October 17th   4 - かたち 41 - 50 10
Week 5 October 24th   5 - てんごく 53 - 62 10
Week 6 October 31st   6 - あめ 65 - 74 10
Week 7 November 7th   7 - さんぽ 77 - 86 10
Week 8 November 14th   8 - だんち 89 - 98 10
Week 9 November 21st   9 - じっけん 101 - 110 10
Week 10 November 28th 10 - ゆめ 113 - 130 18

Vocabulary List

Please read the editing guidelines in the first sheet before adding any words!


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If you’ve read it before but will join in the discussion, please select ‘yes’!


I almost forgot that I needed to actually, you know, buy this :sweat_smile:

Also, thank you to @Michikusa for flagging up this manga in the first place :blush:


Wow! It’s happening?! Okay, the lack of furigana is a pain, it’s way above my level, and I still haven’t finished Girls Last Tour yet, so I’m not going to be contributing much, but come September 26th I’ll be following the discussion here for sure! Amazing! Thank you for setting up this club @Radish8!


That’s the spirit :grin:

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The level is high for me as well but I am looking forward to reading it. With the vocab sheet I don’t think it will be too bad. Don’t forget, you could learn four more levels worth of kanji from WaniKani before it is time to start reading the book.


頑張って @Michikusa

totally off-topic

Oh, Micki, I love your response! Brilliant! :rofl:

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Before anyone goes ahead and buys the kindle version to read in the browser version, just don’t. Really blurry and compressed :confused: - The app version is high quality

BookWalker has a much nicer version!

Edit: Bought the Kobo version to compare as well:

  • BookWalker: Best quality - Have to use the overlay tools to zoom (*for me this is annoying)
  • Kobo: Comparable quality to BookWalker but just a slightly less quality - Interface suits me better (More mouse usage and heavy zoom)
  • Kindle: Browser version is a compressed joke, check the other posts to see that quality is vastly better in the app!

I hope this investigation was helpful to someone!


I can confirm that the amazon images are highly compressed. I am not going to buy shimeji again but I think I will try Kobo next time. Thanks for the info.


I’ll add a note to the OP to try to save others from disappointment / multiple purchases. (Sorry, @tesuji2 :slightly_frowning_face: )

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No problem. It is still readable. Ill be happy if we can sort out the best quality options.

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I just wanted to report that I bought the first volume of ハイキュー!!on Kobo and it works great. It was much easier to set up the account and purchase my book compared to Amazon. I downloaded the companion app for PC and aside from some strange insistence that I know what a boat was it was easy to sync with my account. I can zoom right down to the point where my amazon book would be an unreadable mess and it still looks good.(probably something like a 10 times zoom) The amazon copy gets blurry if you zoom it at all.

Edit: I should mention that Kobo did not like my gmail account for some reason and I had to use my university email account.

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Now I’m confused. I checked samples for Kindle and Bookwalker (I couldn’t find sample on Kobo and I’d rather not create yet another account). And they look… the same to me?
Is quality different after you actually buy it or what?
Bookwalker only lets me zoom up to 300%, and Kindle jumps from 200% to 400%, so I used 200% to make it even, but even at 200% both versions are a little blurry.


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So, I have noticed it looks better in the kindle app on my phone then when viewing it in the amazon in browser reader on my desktop. I don’t know if the quality that you of the images changes between the two or if it has something to do with the screen size. Maybe it is some other reason. I will try to get the kindle app for Windows and see if it looks better there.


Please do!
I used Windows app for Kindle and browser reader for Bookwalker to take above screenshots. I think Bookwalker doesn’t support its Windows app anymore and recommends browser viewing while on PC.
I also checked the above samples on smartphone (Android) and on Kindle Paperwhite and it looked to me like the result was always similar.
It seems I can’t check Kindle version in browser reader unless I buy it, but the sample under “Look inside!”/試し読み for paper version is indeed very bad quality.

Edit: I think I managed to try Kindle version sample in browser reader after all, but I can’t even find the option to zoom. It isn’t even there for manga I bought. Was it is. Why is it so bad. Am I missing something.


This is the only zoom option I could find for the browser version of kindle. I don’t know the magnification.

This is the browser app with the windows magnifying app at 200 percent

This final image is from the kindle app for windows.

I think the kindle app must use a higher quality image. In retrospect, it was rather silly to assume the browser image would be full quality.


Thank you!
So, the Kindle mystery solved. Don’t use browser, download the app.

Now - is Kobo app still better than Kindle app? It might be hard to check, because you bought different manga there. But maybe Kobo offers samples after you are logged in or you can check with Kindle samples for ハイキュー? Could you please compare?


I haven’t found a sample yet but I will keep looking and see if I can do a comparison. If nothing else, maybe I can get a sample of haikyuu from amazon and compare them.

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By the way, how do you hide the images so that they don’t show up unless you click like in your post? :sweat_smile:

I think I figured it out.

Silly me.


It’s also useful option while discussing a book, along with blur spoiler. xP

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