JLPT Stories - Amazing Resource for Reading and Listening

This is a resource that has been shared at least once before on these forums however the post has since locked and I feel it would be worth putting back in the spotlight.

JLPT Stories!

This is a blog which has stories written and recorded based on the JLPT levels to allow for levelled reading and listening practice.
As someone who is currently completing level 10 of Wanikani I was excited to find material that is almost exclusively vocabulary I have learnt, featured in the JLPT5 stories on this blog.

It’s been great to get to read and listen while focusing on grammar and not be concerned about constantly looking up vocabulary meanings.

SO! Now my question is - are there more amazing resources similar to this where it’s comparable to WK levels and can be both read and listened to?

Could this sort of short, sharp content be something the more skilled members of this community could produce to have as a shared resource? That would be amazing! Similar to the amazing book clubs that feature here!
It could be a great exercise for more proficient WK users and a great chance for appropriate reading and listening practice for newer members like myself.
Perhaps the community already does this and I just haven’t found it? Perhaps I’m being naive. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Anyways, hopefully someone finds this resource useful! :relaxed:


Thanks for sharing. ^^ I hadn’t heard of this site before.

While I certainly have faith in the skill of many members here, when it comes to something like writing text snippets, or recording audio, I’d feel leery about using something until I know it’s been made with extensive involvement or vetting of native speakers. :thinking:

Sharing random thoughts to have an excuse to bump up the topic, since it can be useful for others.


Oh! What about posting snippets from blogs or webnovels or whatever it is we are reading, with a link to the source? Then it’s 100% native work, and still involves the community. As long as it’s short and self contained, it would work, and the link gives people an opportunity to get more of it.


[quote=“Naphthalene, post:3, topic:45152, full:true”]

That’s an interesting idea! If people were interested I wonder what’s the best way to host recordings!

Ah, I was just thinking copy/pasting things, but I guess that works too :thinking:


I think just that alone would be helpful, as long as it’s appropriately credited and linked? It’s the added listening component that I love about the JLPT Stories as well

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