JLPT level after finishing Misa's Beginner Lessons

I’m halfway through with Japanese Ammo and was wondering what JLPT lvl I would be when I completed her beginner lessons.

Are you referring to the playlist titled ‘Grammar Lessons for Absolute Beginners’ here?

If so, just using the titles, I don’t see that it even covers all of N5 grammar. There also appears to be a smattering of N4 grammar as well just glancing over the playlist. Possibly some from other levels, too, but I haven’t checked that extensively.


Well if you’re just watching the videos, do they cover writing as well? JLPT is reading/writing, and listening. So, if you can’t read you wouldnt even be considered N5.
edit: i can see you are learning kanji through WK of course but that doesnt mean you can apply it to reading necessarily just to clarify what i mean lol


I’m going through a N4 grammar checklist right now and I would say Misa covers a lot of N5, and some N4 stuff but not everything. Maybe one could pass the N5 ?

N5 list for reference https://japanesetest4you.com/jlpt-n5-grammar-list/


Since when? I heard JLPT is all multiple choice. Not sure how writing fits into that.

The site says the same: FAQ |JLPT Japanese-Language Proficiency Test
There’s no writing section.


i said reading/writing since i wasnt 100% sure if writing was on the exam lol

yes that’s the playlist I meant. thank you :slight_smile:

no she doesn’t teach writing. She just teaches grammar. my question refers to JLPT grammar. should’ve been more specific :sweat_smile:

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Anyone know if Misa is Japanese… Not that it matters regarding her videos, but I’ve always though she was Chinese or Malaysian. :sweat_smile:

There is no writing on the JLPT other than filling in your information (exam id) and marking answers with your pencil. You may take notes in whatever suits you (particularly useful for the listening section). But no, there’s no assessment of writing.

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As there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of listening, I would guess from N5 five or below overall. (However I don’t know how difficult the N5 listening is).

I’m like 99% sure she is japanese

You’re not 100% sure? :rofl:

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