JLPT in another country

I wanted to take the N3 in my home country, but unfortunately there is no more room for more participants at all the Test sites. So I want to take the test in France since the registration deadline hasnt started yet. This will be the first JLPT Test I’ll take

I think the Instructions on the Test are in Japanese, but i would like to know if there are any important spoken instructions since I don’t know any french?

Do you guys think that this would be a Problem?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I took a JLPT N3 in a foreign country, it wasn’t a problem.

The university organising the test had a page in at it in English. On the day of the test all the instructions were in Japanese as far as I remember. Maybe when I was registering it was in English, so not a problem.

As a side note, I think it’s fairly common to go to another country to take JLPT since it’s not organised in every country, and definitely not twice a year.


Not much of a problem, I think.
The instructions on the test itself, are in 日本語 so doing it in France wouldn’t matter for that part.
I highly recommend doing trial questions to familiarise yourself with their format, and also to check timing details, especially for the reading section.
For instructions from the invigilators, if you don’t understand, I think “monkey see, monkey do” will work.

Good luck / Bonne chance!


Thank you very much. That’s what I imagined.
Have a good day :slight_smile:

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Thank you:)

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I did the JLPT in a different country (although also a german speaking one). Both in Vienna and Düsseldorf the instructors were asking if anyone needed anything repeated in english. Nobody needed it, but it seems the oragnizers are used to test-takers that are either not from the same country or don´t speak the local language well enough.