JLPT 2023 thread

Just send out my application yesterday. I will be in Düsseldorf for the N3.

I did not participate last year, but the application for Düsseldorf was open starting around the 18th January as well. I can’t say, when it usually opens for the other cities though.


Ah, okay.
It’s sad we won’t be able to meet. N3 - N1 are in the afternoon and N5 + N4 are in the morning.
But anyway, good luck to you! :smiling_face:


Probably going to give N2 another go. Was considering waiting until Dec but I don’t have to travel far to take it in Tokyo, so why not!


As long as I’ve been taking the JLPT (~8 years or so), America has not had summer tests as far as I’m aware. I don’t think it’s a post-Covid change.



Happy cake day!


Thank you kindly :smile:

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I was contemplating taking the N4 this December in Zurich (Switzerland doesn’t host summer JLPTs :cry:).
However, I am in the last semester of school and I’ve got a feeling that it will be a real grindfest.
I’ll also be traveling to Japan later this year (finally!), so I feel like I wouldn’t be able to study enough anyway.

Oh well, I’ll aim for N3 next year then.
Hopefully my ambitions won’t come bite me in the butt :joy:


Woah, It’s almost exactly the same for me!

I’ve got my last semester now and will go to Japan later this year for the first time. The difference is that I’ve made the (maybe not that smart) decision to take the N4 in Germany this summer…

But you got this, I believe that you’ll be able to pass N3 next year. Maybe we’ll pass it together :smile:


In dem Fall sind wir ja praktisch Brüder :joy:

Anyway, judging by your level, you seem to be set well for the N4 kanji-wise.
I believe you got this too, even if it will be a hassle with school and all :wink:

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Ja, könnte man so sagen :laughing:

Thank you!

Leiden updated their website to confirm they’re doing the JLPT in July, but no specific information about applying yet.

EDIT: Reading about the Leiden registration process in the 2022 thread, it looks like it was a right mess :grimacing:


They updated jlpt.jp!


Any day now kids!

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After looking at the N3 practice test I wonder if I am wasting my money knowing I will pass it. However I am not so confident about the N2…

EDIT: I mean if I keep doing what I do I am sure I can pass the N2 no problem, just my confidence is really high going into the N3. So I think I should maybe shoot for N2 again.


Man, I’m really strapped for cash, but I feel like I should keep going for N1 as much as possible. It’s good motivation to study, but also…Money…and taking a test…But it would probably be easier on me once I start job hunting again? ><


I tried an N5 mock exam and passed, although the listening part was close. Should be fairly straightforward with a bit of practice.

The july session is still months away, so I’m considering going for N4.


Just got my confirmation for the N4 in Düsseldorf. With my current schedule I should be ready by July.
Now hopefully I don´t get sent to the hospital or on never ending business trips again.
But I since I will be in Düsseldorf anyway for Dokomi it´s too convenient to not take the opportunity, especially since I went to such great lengths for the N5


It’s now been updated – Leiden registration opens on 28th February.

The registration process was a mess in 2022, and the results distribution was worse, but my impression from reading about other test sites is there were fewer issues during the actual test, e.g. the listening section.


I guess that’s what matters, ultimately!

So I guess we’re staying up till midnight? Anything else I need to know to get the application in quick? I thought I read something about uploading a picture…?

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You’ll need a head shot, but I don’t remember the file size requirements. Having one under 2MB at hand would probably be fine.

Other than that it’s just filling out the fields/questions – aside from the picture no additional uploads are required, from what I remember.

The main thing will be whether they’ve improved the traffic capacity, the application confirmation, and payment information. Last year payments were done after registration closed, rather than during the sign-up process. I don’t see anywhere if they’ve changed that, even though it was pretty confusing last time.