JLPT 2023 thread

Well past me, we did it. Passed the N3, but! I’m changing my plans and aiming for the winter N2 instead, (maybe summer for the lolz but for sure winter) Telling my senpais about me passing the N3 got them fired up so I’m nervous to battle them, but looking forward to it!!!


Looks like I was pretty burnt from studying for N2. I think I will use these next 6 months for free studying and practice. Taking the test is no fun but it paid off for me so I might as well try for N1 in December. We’ll see how I feel around registration time in August.


Think I’m gonna go for N5 in London in July. Extremely nervous about taking it already and can’t even apply until after March, I think lmao

If that all goes well then maybe I’ll go for N4 in Cardiff in December.

I started trying to learn Japanese in April last year, so hopefully that’s enough learning to get those two done.


I ended up taking a 2 year break after N3. Hoping to take N2 in July.


My goal in this year is to be able to pass N4 by the end of the year. I’m studying 100% on my own from April 2022 (sadly, most of these days was just like 5 minute duolingo lesson. Its not a good source but I also used others, besides without it I’d probably lose all of my motivation I really started studying this year). I’ve done one test on the internet and it said I passed (almost failed, but anyways it could’ve been not real and easier than normal test in real life.
I’d took one probably in July, if I could, but there’s many reasons why I can’t, for example long distance and problem with getting there. It’d be in Warsaw probably-
I also can’t really get paid account here because of living in that country, it’d be rather complicated and pretty expensive for it ;’D
I think first thing I should do anyways is actually end school etc, get to better english level (currently about B2, thats what my textbook says, but in like 3 years I am probably going to get to more near-native level) because the jlpt test is not going to “last?” (If I’d took one after some years I’d have to repeat it) Until I’ll be able to work and its not really going to be useful I think ;’D


I’m also hoping to take the N5 in London in July! I really want to make sure I don’t miss the registration, since I am very bad at remembering when to check for it.

I also want to try the N4 in December, as I’m quite confident I’ll pass the N5, but it’ll likely be in Edinburgh I take that one.


So yes, I did actually fail. And my lowest score was reading* so I bought 新完全マスター読解. Plan is to do this book and the grammar one, and then do some practice tests.
I am not sure how motivated I will be to finish all this till July. I have a study buddy though now, since my friend passed N2 so I convinced him to try N1 as well. So we might motivate each other hopefully.

*quoting a friend: “how? all you do is reading!”, well seems like not the same materials as required for N1 also I get confused too easily…


Good luck, dude! Would this be your first time taking one?


Thanks! Yeah, this’ll be my first time trying out the jlpt. I’m quite looking forward to it. Will it be your first time as well?


After a 6 years hiatus, I came back and now I’m studying hard to try the N3 im December this year. Lot’s of reading and listening and brushing up my grammar. It’ll be a great challenge. Let’s see how it’ll all go :smiley:
In the end, thou, I think the test is just a proof to add to my curriculum (because government and companies like documents :roll_eyes:). Personally the experience of enjoying native content on its original language is much greater.


any of the german/ central european wanikani members know if the summer test will be held only in Düsseldorf this year? as far as i have seen no other of the usual testsites (Hamburg and Stuttgart) have any kind of application/ registration process open yet, but Düsseldorf does :thinking:


Stuttgart never ran JLPT in summer, not even before Corona. I don’t know about Hamburg, though.


There is a list of test sites on the official website, but data is still from 2022.
Anyway, it seems Hamburg had summer 2022 JLPT planned, but cancelled it.


Yep! Very very nervous haha


I’m hoping to do the N4 in Edinburgh in December too! If I can keep the study momentum going anyway :sweat_smile:


they didn’t :thinking:
I could have sworn there was a JLPT, but I guess I wasn’t as attentive to that because it is quite far anyways

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Regarding the JLPT in Germany.

I have asked all of them per e-mail. They told me Stuttgart won’t hold the JLPT this summer at all. I, for myself wanted to go to Hamburg to do the N4 because I was told it was the nicer city (and all of the test sites are the same obnoxious distance away from me anyway). Hamburg said “preparations are getting started” and they will “notify us on their website in time” in early january which could be ambiguous I guess.

Unedit: Oops, misunderstanding, all good.

I will send my application to Düsseldorf to be safe, even though I don’t know if I could revoke the application later if Hamburg decides to open the application form after all?

Does anyone know if there is a certain time/date when usually all of the test sites have opened their application forms?


You can revoke the application, but you won´t get a refund if you already payed the fee.


No, no, I said specifically that it was cancelled in 2022.

In other news, if anyone’s willing to travel to Warsaw, we have dates already.

  • registration opens on March 13
  • 800 slots, 200zl (around 43 euro)
  • registration 100% online, no need to send anything by physical post
  • test itself is offline, of course, more or less in the city centre
  • i personally never had any organizational issues with them
  • clocks on the walls always :laughing: (in the past years)
  • website here: https://ssl.pjwstk.edu.pl/jlpt/index.php/page/index/2

I’m thinking about signing up for the N4 in Düsseldorf in July. Although, I’m not even close to N4 level yet. :laughing:

However, I quite like my learning routine at the moment and I’m thinking that this ‘official’ goal with the fixed timeframe during summer might help me to get some extra motivation.