JLPT 2023 thread

It was like that from 9:00am. It still says there are 50 spaces left per level on mine. Maybe it’s broken? :frowning: London still had places at half 8 when I checked so I’m surprised if Leicester sold out bang on 9. :frowning:

Edit: It says N3 is sold out now. 50 spaces for the others though.

correction, the website is incredibly glitchy and can’t decide whether it’s 0 or 50 :joy: i’ll keep trying, see what happens

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:joy: :joy: :joy: Yeah I just saw that. Lets hope we can get onto it!

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I’m also just watching the page not load. It’s giving me such anxiety :melting_face:

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It’s working now! I got a spot for N4! Whoo! Hope you both get one too and anyone else trying!


Congratulations!! I’m also in for the N2 :partying_face::sparkles:

Best of luck to everyone else who’s trying!


i got a place! that was such a stressful half an hour ahhhhhhhh



edit so stressful I forgot to say
CONGRATULATIONS on getting your spot :tada: :partying_face:

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The shop at Leicester always breaks! :face_with_peeking_eye: I just checked the spaces and there’s still a few but they’re going down fast!

Time for a nice cup of tea and a calm down before the realisation of the test kicks in haha.


lately it really seems to random with the number of spots available and the whole registration process.

in Hamburg they said they would open registration on the 17th, but then I checked on the evening of the 16th and was able to register for one of the 100 spots available, but people trying on the 17th could not get in. (I feel slightly bad about it :grimacing:)

now i have to try to make a study plan, but I don’t think I will be able to stick with it… too flakey :see_no_evil:


and to you and @Ashelia !! good luck come july! :sparkles:


Same, I registered at about 11 pm and immediately got the confirmation e-mail. I paid the 65 € as soon as I got that mail, but I haven’t heard from them since then. Not sure yet if I’m really in or not. Did you get another e-mail after paying?

I’m sorry for our British friends who had so much trouble getting in, but congratulations to everyone who made it! It’s almost as if getting accepted into a testing location is even harder than preparing for the test itself :sweat_smile:


I haven’t heard anything yet. But thinking about the german mindset i bet there is some person who still has to check the bank transfers to the registrations. And it is just monday today… I think we will hear something come wednesday or thursday :thinking:

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Have you heard anything yet?

I’m getting a bit antsy…

wow it’s much cheaper in Europe! (I paid 100£)

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Wow it is! I wish it was a universal price! ;p Knowing UK it’s probably cheaper to pay for the test and get a flight to a different country than pay for travel to London and sit it here. :joy:


Nope, no message so far… Since you have to pay until March 30th at the latest, maybe we should wait until the mid of April? Not sure what to do.

Edit 03/30: Got my confirmation! I hope you got one too!

I am wondering how I should approach my N2 prep.

I’ve got the kanji, vocabulary and grammar part pretty much settled. All I have to do is continue revising my Anki cards for those. I thought I would spend the next three months working my way through the rest of the SKM N2 grammar book, as well as the SKM reading and listening books. So do some grammar exercises on day 1, some listening on day 2, some reading on day 3, rinse and repeat. I thought that would be most effective, cause I wouldn’t peak too soon and there would be some spaced repetition and interleaving, but after about two weeks of trying this I feel like it is sucking all hype and urgency completely out of it. So now I am wondering if I should just spend April and May reading for fun and listening to the odd podcast during my commute and save the proper revision for June?

This is my first JLPT, so I have no idea if it would be more effective to go balls to the wall on exam prep in the last month, or whether that’d just be setting myself up for a burnout :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Any N2 veterans around? How did you approach it? Slow and steady or fast and furious? Did you mix it up or finish one book at a time?


I took N2 three times (and passed twice, mind you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). I hope that qualifies me as “test veteran” ^^

My experience is: Grammar is slightly overrated, sure you will be tested on some, and sure some will appear in the reading and listening sections, but it is no where near the amount that SKM teaches you. Not saying the grammar they teach isn’t useful, far from it! But you won’t need it all on the test, probably not even half of it. And you won’t be quizzed on the fine nuances like what SKM likes to do.

But what really matters is reading speed. For reading speed you need two things: solid vocab, and reading practice. For the vocab, the more the better! I don’t know what SKM teaches you (I only looked at SKM N1 vocab and I think there’s a lot of useful stuff in there, and I expect it’s the same with the SKM N2 vocab book) but it can’t be bad to know a good deal of those words. And then, just read :slight_smile: I think the topics don’t really matter - just make sure you get up to speed, and while you’re at it, picking up the odd vocab won’t hurt either :wink: If you can consistently read ~10 pages per hour, you will get through the reading section just-in-time, if you can consistently read ~15 pages per hour, you will have no problems, is my expectation.

To recap useful grammar points, I watched the “日本語の森 N2 grammar in 1 hour” video a few times in the week before the test - 50 useful grammar points with nice example sentences.

Oh, and don’t forget listening of course! I don’t really have good resources for practicing it (except that I talk to my Japanese language partners each week) but I’m sure you can find good videos and stuff.


I think I’d read through / skim the SKM Grammar book, and then just go and read a lot. That way, you’ve seen the grammar points at least once and can maybe recognize them in your reading material („Oh that’s that N2 grammar point I saw in SKM, that’s how it’s used huh“)

And yes, continue with Anki :laughing:

And then some more intense listening cramming before the exam if you feel you’re struggling with mock exams.