JLPT 2022 thread

N2 break is 15:15 - 15:40 and N1 break is 15:20 - 15:50, so we will have a pretty large overlap. I will be on the second floor (third floor? :thinking: Etage 2 in French :sweat_smile:) in room AMPHI 3. Where are you taking the test?

That’s two floors above the ground floor. Does that help? (‘Ground floor’ is fairly unambiguous, I think, regardless of language and conventions?) In French, the ground floor is Level 0. I think it’s the same in German? In Singapore, the ground floor is Level 1. I can’t remember/don’t know the conventions in other English-speaking countries.

My notice tells me I’ll be starting in Amphi 2, so the second lecture theatre, also on étage 2 (so two floors up from ground level). I need to remember to print out all the documents I need soon.

Ah, yeah sorry, so the meaning is perfectly clear to me, I was just wondering how to express this in English :sweat_smile:
In Germany it’s the same, the ground floor is like level 0, and then we start counting from 1 for the levels above that one. But in some English-speaking countries (and also in Japan) the ground floor is already level 1, that’s why I was wondering how to express this.

So we will be in neighbouring rooms during the test? Should be possible to meet one way or another, then :blush:

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I will also take the test in Paris, 2nd floor Amphi 3, but I guess Amphi 7 might not be too far away either ?
I am not a big expert of Paris, but around Odeon Station there is a pretty good ramen restaurant called Kodawari Ramen Yokocho and it’s open on sunday. However, you should arrive early because starting like 18/19 it becomes crowded and you need to wait quite a long time. I have been there 2, first time I arrived at 19h and had to wait for 1 hour. Second time, arrived at 17:30 and waited for 10 minutes xD There is also a good pastries Japanese store called Tomo, also open on sunday. And my biggest recommendation is Jugetsudo for Japanese tea but they are not open on sunday. You can buy Japanese tea but also have a cup of tea there. But as they have only 4 seats, you may have to wait. I think you can also get a take out drink ? Not too sure about that.
I guess there are probably other places, but these are the one I know :slight_smile:


Looks like we’ll be taking the test together. :slight_smile: I hope the rooms will be well marked… I wouldn’t want to get lost moving to the second room. :joy:


Oh, I see! But yeah, precisely: I wasn’t sure what the right convention was, so I just described what it literally meant to be clear.

Anyway, a quick search shows me that in UK English, the ground floor is different from the first floor, whereas in the US, the first floor is the ground floor. I guess an easy way to remember it might be that in Europe, ‘ground = zero’ in general? (I don’t know if that’s universally true since I haven’t visited the rest of Europe yet.)

Yes, I think so. Though of course, I don’t know exactly how Inalco is structured, but our rooms shouldn’t be too far away from each other!

I know Kodawari, and I think they have two outlets. I’ve definitely been to Kodawari Ramen Tsukiji, which is in the 1st arrondissement. It’s also open on Sunday. I hadn’t heard of the other two!

If we’re talking about Odéon, there’s also Ippudo Saint-Germain, which is very close by. I think I’ve been there, but I can’t remember exactly. (That might have been another Ippudo outlet.) It’s a ramen place, at any rate, and it’s pretty good. My personal favourite in terms of value for money is Sapporo, which is in the 1st arrondissement on Rue Sainte-Anne. They offer a good mix of ramen, donburi, Japanese curry and yakisoba, and all the main dishes are under €15, which is much more affordable than what I’ve seen at other places (€16 and up is the usual for authentic Japanese food). Plus, their portion sizes are relatively large compared to what I’ve seen elsewhere. I also know of another place called Takara, but it’s premium food, and really expensive (like €50/person – I went there with my mum’s friend when she visited Paris), so probably not the best choice.

Hahaha. I hope so too. Is there a second room though? My impression is that the candidates are split into two rooms, and we just have to go to the same room for each section.


Honestly, I think you should do fine :smiley: . If you’ve been living in Japan for like 1.5 years recently and on top of that doing exam prep, “what could go wrong” :smiley: .

Kodawari Tsukiji is specialized in fish I think ? While Yokocho is about meat. But Tsukiji is much less crowded than Yokocho from what I heard. Heard recently of Ippudo but couldn’t try it since they were closed the day I was around.
Rue saint Anne is full of Asiatic restaurants from what I heard, and the cake shop Tomo has also a branch there (I have a thing for sweets).
In any way, I think you probably know more places than I do since I don’t really go to Paris really often :slight_smile:


Yes, this is true, I think. I didn’t know about Yokocho and meat though! It does sound very possible.

Oh, that’s interesting. But then again, I think the Tsukiji outlet is pretty small and kind of tucked away.

Hahaha. Maybe, but I wouldn’t be so sure. I did live in Paris for three years, but I only started exploring authentic Japanese places in the area more recently, when I started shopping for Japanese books.

Hm… there is this other place called Papillon in the… 5th arrondissement, I think? It’s fairly authentic, but I think some of their dishes have a fusion feel. It’s pretty good, but not as nice as what I’ve had at the restaurants in the 1st and 2nd arrondissements.

AH, I see! And yes, after running around checking out Junku and BookOff (the two main Japanese bookshops in Paris, I think), I noticed that there really are a lot of Japanese restaurants in the area. I’m not sure about other types of Asian cuisine, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re there as well.

Nice to know times in advance, only have a gathering time to go at. Further instructions provided there.


Where are you taking the test, out of curiosity? I think it might have to do with how different centres organise things. For example, in Paris, Inalco is requiring that people arrive with both their test vouchers and an exam notice (which indicates the times for each section) in order to enter the test venue (along with some ID), whereas other people I’ve seen talking about it on Twitter seem to only have a test voucher.

Yeah only a test voucher here, which I should print today. Taking it in Leiden.

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Oh hey, you’re right. I just skimmed it and since there were two rooms… Phew!


I’m going to be taking the N4 this July, skipped N5. My knowledge on grammar and kanji are a bit small for it, so I hope I can still do well.


Same i can do the vocabulary section with near to full marks but grammar is a different story :sweat_smile:

Just took a mock test without looking up the answers and crying mid way this time probably didn’t do great hopefully I passed maybe it will give me confidence again for the real test!