~ JLPT 2020 ~

“Who’s a good boy?”
“Ask again later”

So it knows the results will arrive later. Dammit!


JLPT website was updated : Results will be available on January 25(Mon) for people who took the test in Japan.


I was just gonna write the same thing. Just aimlessly checked the JLPT website without much hope of an announcement but there it was:
“The test result for the second JLPT in 2020 (December) is available on MyJLPT from January 25(Mon). It will be difficult to connect immediately after the announcement, so please wait for a while before accessing.”


The full announcements~ :partying_face:

11more days!!! I’m excited to find out my result
早くtest scoring people I wannnnna know


I’m wondering why it says:

In addition, it becomes possible to apply for the issuance of the Certificate of Result and Scores for the second JLPT in 2020 from January 26 (Tue).

I didn’t take JLPT this year, but aren’t they usually just sending certificate to everyone who passed? :thinking:

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I remember automatically getting a big full certificate in the past. In 2019 I just got a smaller thing, kinda plastic-y. To be fair, this was in Japan and I think I was remembering the ones I got back in the US. I don’t know if the policy changed over time, or if Japan is just different or what.