~ JLPT 2020 ~

Finland canceled today 🥲.


I’m not sure if it’ll be cancelled in the near future, but I’ve made the decision not to go to Sapporo to take the test. Not only is it a big hotspot that’s drastically gotten worse recently, but I’d have to travel through several other big hotspots to get there, and I don’t want to risk it. Bummer really, I’ve been looking forward to this for about a year now, but it’s not worth the stress and possibly bringing it back to my small elderly town. I suppose if the case numbers suddenly clear up then I’ll re-book an AirBnB or something, but I’m not holding my breath.

I guess now I have more time to study and work on my grammar weak points…


Don’t rely on kanji too much. I saw うっとうしい today and couldn’t recall cause no kanji :laughing: know your readings in hiragana form I advise thee


Anyone planning to pass the exam in Paris (France) in 1 week? I’ll try the N4 and will most certainly fail haha because I didn’t study the listening part and didn’t finish all the grammar lessons.

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France is in lockdown but the JLPT is maintained ?! How does it work ?

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We are in lockdown but there are some cases when we are allowed to go out. Such as food supplies, medical care, sports within 1km, work, driving children to/from school and also to take an exam.
For the moment the JLPT is not cancelled. But special safety measure will be added (more space between people or masks I think)


What grammar lessons are you working on? Have you done a JLPT before? If not, you might want to do a practice test first, like the one you can find on jlptsensei.com.


Wow, that’s quite crazy. I took the n5 in Paris at the Maison des Examens a few years ago and I was surprised at how crowded it felt already. But it’s a really big building, so I hope they will manage to create safe conditions for the exam !

When you said you didn’t study the listening for N4, did you try a mock test or sample questions ? Because going completely blind is quite risky, the structure of the listening test is quite unusual and you need to know in advance how each part work or you can get a bit lost and lose focus.


They have limited the number of candidates this time so fewer people will come.
I passed the N5 last year so I know how the listening section works and I plan to do a mock test this week but I didn’t train specifically the listening part because I was focused on grammar and reading which were really my weak points last time.
Also I pass the test for only to check my progression and it’s not needed for work or anything.

I use bunpro to work on the grammar and also bought the grammar and reading jlpt books.

Ah ok, then it’s fine !

For me listening always felt the least “studiable” part of the language, so no tips come to mind. Well at least if you get a bad score in listening, you will make up some by destroying the kanji part, it will be a walk in the part at WK level 32 :grin:

About the grammar, I remember when I took the N3, one month before I was panicking because at that time I was only halfway through Bunpro. As an experiment I decided to cram Bunpro like crazy, 10 new grammar points every day to finish it in time. I was 90% expecting it to be a failure, because I thought grammar can’t be crammed… But it turn out way better than I expected, I actually made a lot of progress and even got a few question in the test right, purely because of stuff I learned on Bunpro in that short period !

It kind of changed my mind about learning grammar, I always though it was more important to go slow and careful, but there is actually value to cram them superficially and quickly. Because many time just recognizing a grammar point + a vague idea of its meaning can make or break the comprehension of some sentence.

So one week is very short, but I would try to scourge Bunpro for little simple grammar point that can be cram quickly.