~ JLPT 2020 ~

Is this the right JLPT thread???

I wanted to brag online that I signed up to retake the N4
I still feel in bad shape about grammar. I just want a higher score than last year.


Brag away! What was your score last year?

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I beat my friend which was my goal. We should of taken the 5 instead.


Taking the harder test is a better gauge of your actual ability.

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Well, well, well. I am officially in the race to take the JLPT for December 2020.
Due to the Coronavirus situation, there were only like 20~! seats in the whole country for my JLPT Test Level. This was due to the social distancing rules set by the government.

So I armed my browser with a form autofill extension, set the autofill rules, and on the day itself, clicked the link, the form was filled, and I immediately submitted. I even ensured that the Internet payment one click feature was enabled. Now I just need to worry about passing.

This year’s test statistics should be interesting.