JLPT 2019!


I fell short of 4 points to pass N2 December 2019.



What surprised me is I didn’t really prepare for this as I just passed N3 last July 2018 and has only started Nihongo a year before that. I’m pretty sure I can pass JLPT this coming July. I have the complete Kanzen Master and I am done with Tobira. :smiley:

Congrats to all those who have passed! To all those who’ve failed, let’s give it our best this July/December 2019! :blush:


That’s really close! after only a year and a half of studying, too!


N3 goal for July 2019 ! And hoping for N2 by December (idk how realistic it is, but I heard the gap between N3 and N2 is quite big, I’m planning on taking intense classes for JLPT N2)

I started doing wanikani since around December, and I also use Anki decks as well as Imabi lessons. They feel like great resources.


Or make the hop over to Japan for added motivation? :wink:


I’m planning to take the N2 in December (or next year in summer, depending on how I feel about university) :smile:
I passed the N3 in 2014, but after that, even if I wanted to, I never tried (or didn’t know how) to raise my japanese skills. I’m good at listening and communicating in Japanese in general, despite not knowing that many vocabularies. Also, Kanji are my biggest fear, so I never got motivated enough to go for N2.
BUT one of my friends, who also took the N3 in 2014 was able to pass N1 last year, so I felt like “I could be there as well, if I just tried enough” and I wanted to finally improve my Japanese in 2019.

Finding WaniKani I also feel like I’m able to study Kanji properly (I already realized I often just know the Kun-Yomi or the meaning of a Kanji) and I got super motivated hearing Twitter-friends passing their JLPT tests.
As for Grammar and reading I’ll use different books I still own for N3 (I mean… it’s been about 4 years since I took the test, I’d like a refresher) and in summer I’d like to buy books for N2 preparation (It’s the books from “ask” they helped me a lot during my N3 preparations).

Looking forward to meet you all :blush:


I’ll be having my first go at N5 in December. Can’t do July because I’m actually IN JAPAN! Might come back from the trip over confident and jump in at N4 … either that or be so embarrassed about my Japanese I’ll be writing to JPLT demanding they create and N6 level just for me!


Why not?


Jet lag doesn’t help my revision process :joy:. Plus the kids would set me on fire if I cancelled Tokyo Disney to go sit an exam :fire::fire:


Oh, you mean you’re not in Japan now. I thought you were saying you were here through July.


Yeah sorry that wasn’t clear. We land 4 days before the exam date.


I already have a trip to Japan booked in August, don’t think I can afford a second one in one year haha. And if I were to change it I would lose a bunch of money. I’ll just make sure to be ready for N4 or even N3 in December (if I study for a few hours a day all year this seems attainable maybe?)


Ooh, nice! :smiley: Yeah, I wouldn’t change pre-existing plans to go to Japan either, if I were you. That’s maybe a bigger motivator than the JLPT tests, if you’re like me. Ultimately it’s the learning that matters, not the tests… (friendly reminder to myself, mostly… :roll_eyes: ) (Where are you going?)

General topic reply: I passed the N4 I took in December, and have study materials for the N3 available… I actually used them in December too. xD (And then I stopped come the New Year in a reverse of the usual resolutions?.. :woman_facepalming:) I started studying again recently, and I’ll certainly try to be consistent. Whether I’ll try for the test in July, well, I’ll probably decide when it comes time for the last applications, the way I did for last year’s.


Literally last minute… I was at language school in Fukuoka at the time and had totally forgotten about it. And then another student was talking about applying during break. During the next break I rushed down to apply, only for there to be 2 other students also applying last minute (I remember the application deadline was sometime during late afternoon? I think)… I literally rushed through it all in 2 minutes or less. Great bonding experience, though!

It would sure be nice to feel ready for the N3. (It would be even nicer to feel ready for N2. But I hear that’s a very big jump, so let’s maybe keep that for next year’s goals.)

(Apparently I really like parentheses. Sorry for the overuse.)


Yeah I’m not that bothered about the tests beyond being a goal to help with motivation. But I agree that going to Japan is a bigger motivator anyway. Me and a couple of friends are going for two weeks to Japan. We’re planning to mostly stay in Tokyo (we’re huge weebs so there’s a lot of shit there we want to see there). We have an apartment booked for the whole two weeks in Tokyo, but we are planning to at least check out Kyoto and Osaka. We’ll probably get a one week JR pass in our second week and use that to do some day trips. We’ll probably also book an airbnb in Osaka for one or two nights closer to the time, but unsure at this point.

It’s really hard to figure out the best schedule because there’s so much to see in Japan and we only have such a small time frame. One person I know who went says they regret not spending enough time in Tokyo and another says they regret not going to more places so I guess it’s just down to the individual.

I also tend to overuse parentheses, although this comment looks pretty good :slight_smile:


You can also check out the J-CAT, which will really help you gauge where you’re at.


I already did it three months or so ago and got 215. I’ve probably learned some stuff since then though(or at least I certainly hope I have!). I’ll probably try it again after six months have passed since the last time I did it.


This is brilliant. I never thought of using italki to set up an in person language exchange. I might do the same thing, thanks for the idea.


No problems - there is a separate section under the Community menu on iTalki for searching for Language Partners. You can specify the language you are learning and the language the other person is learning and also limit the search to the city that they are living in - which is perfect for in person language exchange. Good luck.


I’m planning in the long term, since it’s quite a drive for me, too. I’m thinking in a couple summers, when I’ll be on my own, or far enough ahead to plan a trip with sightseeing and such. Good luck!


I was just about to comment that!! : )


I think it is interesting that some locations open the sign up so much sooner. On the german sites I read for example that the forms may be available at the end of January so I will keep looking for them from now on.

The official registration seems to start around mid March? http://www.jlpt.jp/e/application/domestic_index.html

I‘ll probably just register as soon as the forms are available for my area to get it out of the way.