JLPT 2019!


I checked the website and there were indeed sample questions. Judging by how I did on those, the n3 stuff seems really easy, while n2 seems slightly difficult.


It might be just the environment and the fact that I’m not that stressed, but I found the sample questions slightly easier than the real thing. Just make sure you have a good margin for error.


FYI, JLPT doesn’t calculate scores by a simple correct out of total questions. They use some crazy algorithm to score based on your pattern of answering, or something. So that plus what @Kyayna said, give yourself some wiggle room when critiquing how you’ll do.


I’ll keep that in mind. The N3 questions on the website were really easy, so I at least feel fairly confident I could pass that either way. It’s not possible to sign up for a while yet anyway, and I’m not even sure I’m going to take it at all, but I think I’ll try the N2 if I do decide to take the JLPT this year. I’d rather have something to work towards than just do an exam I know I’ll pass. There would be no real benefit to passing the N3 for me, and there are more than four months left, so I have some time to learn new stuff! (And if I fail I, I may at least gain some insight into what parts I need to practice more)

…I’ll also have absolutely nothing I need to do the month before the exam anyway, so I’ll have a lot of time to study then if I end up deciding to take it.


I’m definitely taking something this December (I live in the US so it isn’t offered in the summer) but I don’t know what it will be yet. I failed N3 by two or three points but passed all the sections individually; I’m concerned that if I study for/take N3 again I’ll be bored, but that I won’t have the time or skill to do well on N2, and I think failing two in a row would be really demoralizing.


I want to take the N4 for sure this year, but as the exam is only offered in Hamburg in April, I might take the N5 instead, as I am a little behind on the grammar work and need a lot more practice in general before I can pass N4. I would like to take N4 or maybe N3 in December though, even if it means that I have to trek down to Stuttgart for a weekend, would be a good excuse to go visit family :sweat_smile:.

But no matter what I plan on taking one of the exams in Hamburg this year, not going to pass up the chance of trying an exam in my city where I don’t have to travel far.

I plan on going to Japan in October or November, so it is excellent motivation to really study hard this year, so who knows, maybe I can push it to N3 by December.

Edit: Anyone have any must have study or reference books which I can only get (or get much easier) in Japan?


There’s no test in April; only July and December. Registration deadline might be April though (mine is, but it varies by test location).


Crap, I mean July. I don’t know where April was coming from in my head :sweat_smile:, maybe the registration or something indeed. Well, just have to plan on leave on vacation after the July exam and not accidentally miss it.


I started studying N3 content today after receiving my pass for N4.

This is in the hopes of writing the N3 in December, if I’m not feeling confident by the time registration opens, I may have to wait till Dec 2020 for N3.

I want to score better on the N3 than I did on the N4.


I have no money, and there are no trains in my city.

And my parents honk I’m too young to ride public transport alone.


Well, you have a lot of time. Get creative. Go do something that earns some money if you want it bad enough. What that means will be different for different parts of the world, but I’m sure there’s something, given how far away the test is.


I passed N5 last July, and now the N4 from December. My plan will probably be N3 in London this coming December, although I’m sure I’ll consider whether or not to do the summer one just for experience/practice. I’m also thinking about going back to do intensive language school in Japan for a few weeks later in the year, which would be good revision in the run up to the December test.


I’d joke hitchhike, but incredibly unsafe


ha, If her parents think she’s too young to ride public transport alone, I doubt they’d let her bike to someplace that’s a 2 hour drive away…

@CDia22, maybe try to get a ride with someone you already know?
Or just wait till you’re older, as much of a bummer as that might feel like…


want to take N2 either in july or december in Germany. depends how busy i will be in the next and last semester. unfortunately the JLPT in july might overlap with some exams.


Planning on taking the N4 for the third time this July in Nara! Hopefully I’ll finally pass. I have basically never done any JLPT-specific studying, so I might pick up Kanzen Master.

I need to work on my kanji (it’s the reason I’m here on WK now), as well as my vocab. I’ve been doing classes with Minna no Nihongo and we’re currently on chapter 33, but it’s a bit slow and I keep forgetting all the previous grammar and vocab, so I’m going to start srs’ing sentences into anki. And also subscribe to iKnow because I did their free trial and shadowing their sentences helps a lot.

Then I’m planning to take the N3 in December. Probably won’t pass that, but I like to challenge myself (if I didn’t, I would have had an N5 certificate from last July’s test probably).


That’s a good idea, but nobody who I know would do it. Most of the people in my Japanese class only do it because their parents force them.

@Leebo The legal age for a job where I live is 14, and I’m 13. Plus, I have free time now but once school starts in 2 weeks, I’ll have very little time for a job since I need to study.

I’d say my best shot right now is to just study and try to convince my parents to let me take it. They clearly care enough about my Japanese to buy me a lifetime WK subscription, so maybe they’ll let me take the JLPT.


Like I said, I don’t know what your circumstances are… but where I’m from, kids do chores for their neighbors and stuff to earn extra money. Like mowing lawns or shoveling snow or babysitting. Those aren’t bound by employment law. Is that kind of thing unheard of where you live? Again, not the specific things, but the idea of doing work now and then for people who live in the neighborhood for money. It wouldn’t be a large time commitment, obviously.


Took the N3 last December and the listening killed me! Never thought I’d fail a JLPT :confused: Guess I’ll be taking it again in July.


It’s not unheard of. I know a few people who do things like that. The problem is I don’t think the neighbours like us much, and we don’t know them well.

Although thank you for the suggestions :slight_smile: