JLPT 2019!


Made an application and sent the fee to Warsaw just now - they opened it today :slight_smile:

Will be waiting for the confirmation and then book my bus/flight and a place to sleep there :smiley:

It is on!


I signed up for the N3 in Leiden. Gotta get to studying!


I’ll sign up for Leiden too! aaaah exciting


Taking N1 in July in Japan just to get my ass kicked. I said the same thing about N2 in December and wound up passing, but it was clear I was doing okay on practice tests ahead of time, and this time I think I’ll only have just gotten through the grammar and vocab books and done perhaps a little practice on actual mock tests.

I’ll still take it for experience regardless, with the real goal of having a non-zero chance in December. (I hesitate to ever say sure-thing with N1, since I don’t think I’ll be perfectly fluent by then or anything.)


Same here: Leiden N3 :relaxed:


Although I said I won’t apply this year, only at the end of the uni, I just applied for N3.
That is because maybe I won’t finish uni, because I’m really fed up with it.
Also I might start searching for jobs in Japan, and N3 at least worths something…

So now I have to go and study for N3…


If youre foreign, a uni degree should help lots of jobs in Japan.


I have a uni degree (or two). This is my third uni. :'D


I registered for the N2👀 time to master all the grammar


I want to try taking the N5, but I’m pretty clueless about the exam. I actually ordered the official N5 book just 2 days ago.


They also have a lot of sample questions on the site, even beyond the main sample page.


Good luck!


On this website you can find one whole exam in the exact format of the test. I used their N4 test about a month before the JLPT in December, and it gave me a proper gauge for how I would do on the day.

I would recommend you do this test not too far in advance of the day. Make a morning of it, set a timer for every section, so you get a feel for how much time you have, and take breaks between sections to eat or have a glass of water and walk around.


Thanks, that’s very useful!


Does anyone have any advice on whether to sit for N5 or N4? I’m in a bit of an odd place (as I imagine quite a few people are) where I would easily pass N5 but am not 100% sure of N4… I know that I can probably cover everything for the N4 test before the July test date, but I also work full-time and work is really busy at the moment, plus I have quite a bit of work travel and holiday travel planned. It’s easy to take WK with me when I’m away but I’m a more concerned about grammar etc. I’d like to register for the London test today as it just opened, so any advice hugely appreciated!


Well I can’t tell you what to do but I personally would do the following: take the less stress approach, get N5 done in July to get familiar with the process and start everything off with a positive experience.

That would make sense only under a few conditions: the registration fee ot being too much of a problem financially, the test being available twice a year so you don’t have to wait a full year for the next JLPT, you not needinf the result urgently for some reason, etc.

I enjoyed taking the N5 with comparably little stress. I had less than 6 months to make the jump to N4 (while still being busy with work and travel during that time) and it was very much not fun.


Thanks - that’s kind of what I’m thinking, but the problem is that I can’t take the test again in December as I will be travelling in a location where there is no test offered – so I would have to wait a full year to take the N5 (almost 18 months from now) which seems like way too long! Did you do the N4 in the end with the 6 months studying and pass? Or was it too much to take on with full time work?


I did end up passing it but afterwards I was a bit stressed out and swore that I would not study so much for the JLPT anymore in the near future.

(That was in December and two weeks later I decided that I would aim for N3 in July :wink::innocent:)

Those months before the N4 were not fun because I was e.g. in Japan 4 weeks immediately before the test and fitting test preparation and work in there was not easy. But of course afterwards I was still glad I did it and I pushed myself harder than I would have without ghe JLPT.

If I was in your position and could not take the JLPT in December then I might aim for N4 in July. Or do a nice weekend trip to a European city in December and take the N4 then :wink: I had a lovely summer weekend in Hamburg last year thanks to the JLPT.


Congrats on passing! And good luck with N3 in July! :smile:
I think I’m going to sign up for N4 for July and just study hard whenever I can (I don’t need a social life, right??). I’m going to be in Belize in December, so won’t have access to any JLPT test centres!


Ah, that is a nice reason indeed. Then I think if it is at all possible it would be a nice challenge to aim for the JLPT now. You‘ll have kanji covered thanks to WaniKani anyway.

What I find more difficult than expected in the N4 was the listening section. Fortunately, listening practice is what I find easiest to include into my day and it is possible to make a lot of progress in a month or two.

For the other areas, there is still plenty of time left if you really focus on it from now on. That is at least what I like to tell myself because I’m a bit behind in my N3 study plan.

But good luck, I‘m sure you can do it and the worst thing that can happen is that you fail but you will still have learned a lot in the process.