JLPT 2019!


Ah, I meant ID when I said passport :thinking:


I only had mine made last summer for trip to Japan :smiley:

Thanks. It wasn’t fun, but I now have a different job that I really like so far back home and I can always take the test this July :slight_smile:


facepalm :eyes: All that reading is affecting you.

I do need some kind of identification card, but I believe I used my student card for the JLPT.


Russian lessons of the day /o/

In Russia we call our ID “passport” (паспорт ->) and our passport for international travels “abroad passport” (загранпаспорт <-)

Lesson over \o\


For me, from east coast US the flight time to Canada is ~8-9 hours…About the same time it takes to go to UK. Not sure if the price during the summer but this isn’t really an option for anyone.

I would say if both sessions are reasonably available to you and would potentially use either one, then vote as such. I’m sure for many here, people are making life decisions based on the test schedule and language goals.


I passed JLPT N3 several years ago (5 years ago I think), then I tried N2 and failed twice (always very close but not quite ^^;).
If I feel confident enough I might try taking JLPT N2 again this December.
One day I’ll pass JLPT N1, I just know it :slight_smile:


Lol I really hate summer heat, too. Unfortunately I’m in Japan from April till end of August. RIP me :sunny:

On another note, failed N4 barely in December, but still aiming for N3 in July.


Except I don’t see any option reflecting that sentiment…


Sorry, I thought “I live elsewhere, I use the July test” worked for you as both July/Dec options are available to you and you mentioned to went to Paris in Dec (even though Dec test centers are less convenient for you). The idea is just to get an consensus on bi-annual test takers.

However, if you prefer, I can add a new option that best fits your situation…something like “I live elsewhere, July only is OK too” unless you have a recommendation. I’ve never edited a poll midstream, will it cause any problems?



(basically, if you want to change the poll after people have voted, you just have to make a new one.)


To clarify, you need some kind of recognized identification to travel within Europe in case you are spot checked. In some cases that’s a normal card, in others it’s a passport. Sweden doesn’t recognize its own driver’s license as a national identification, but Denmark does, so you can travel to Denmark using only the license, but you might not get back.


Let’s just vote again then!


Does anyone have experience taking it in Boston (Cambridge)? I think I’d like to take the N4 or N3 in December, especially because I already live in Cambridge so getting to the test is actually convenient.


I took it in the Boston area twice. They had it at MIT and then Northeastern.

And yeah, it was always really convenient for me, as I lived in Somerville at the time.


OMG, a new test site has been announced here in Mexico and it’s offering the test in July! I’m so excited for this! >____<

Edit: Previously we only got to do the test once a year. This is a big game changer.


I will also try it in London,
I think applications will be open in middle of March but I’m not 100% sure yet!


As far as I know in the UK the exam will be held in London, Edinburgh and Cardiff,
I will do it in London, am just waiting for the applications to open


I will be applying in Salamanca too !!!


*high five* 頑張ろうね!


Ill be taking it in Houston in December.
Not sure if I want to try the N4, or just go with the N5.
Still many months away from now but I have no clue on my progress by then.
Ill most likely just take the N5, its all for fun anyway and I need to focus on my college classes.

Anyone else going to be taking it in Houston?