JLPT 2019!




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I took N5 a couple years ago and think I might have scraped by if I’d taken N4 at the time. I’m now debating between N4 and N3 in July. (University and moving abroad derailed my Japanese studies for about a year…)

According to my stats, I should be able to reach level 35 (N3 95%) on WK by the end of April or in May, so I’m not too worried about that, but my kana vocab and grammar desperately need work.


I’m around N4 level at the moment but unsure if I’ll have enough time to be able to take the N3 in December, once registration opens up I’ll decide if I should take the N4 or N3. I’m also not sure on how large of jump it is from N4 to N3. I might just take the N3 in December no matter what because I’ll either pass or it’ll be a helpful challenge!


My local institute announced just the date, nothing else. i will be waiting…
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I know this has been discussed before but I just don’t understand why the JLPT can’t do a July test in US; even if just LA and NY. All other continents more or less have relative availability bi-annually except Africa + North America. They have roughly a 15-17% increase in Dec examinee/applicant which I’m assuming is largely driven by US/Can applicants but I know there is also extra availability worldwide. If we just look at July and Dec 2017, the oversea applicants difference is still 17% (~65k) or ~$3.9 million assuming currency adjusted for $60 per applicant (I saw 55 Euro, 5500 yen (~$50), cheaper in developing nations)…so it’s probably a bit over-estimated. Even so, the test is already developed and the burden increase on test statisticians is likely minimal so it’s really a city hosting issue IMO. Nonetheless, it seems like a missed revenue opportunity for the JLPT and a painful yearly wait for most North Americans (except if you live near Edmonton). Not sure if this is at all influenced my AAJT or not.

Speaking for myself, I would take it biannually most years regardless if I’m ready for my level or not and I would make the extra travel effort.

Just curious on the consensus from the WK crowd regard July JLPT test:

  • Live in N. America, Need a July test!
  • Live in N. America, Dec only is OK
  • I live elsewhere, I use the July test
  • I live elsewhere, Dec only is OK
  • What’s a JLPT?

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In European countries it’s also usually only offered once a year. It tends to go by country, regardless of size.

It’s entirely possible that there just aren’t enough test proctors to administer the tests more than once in most countries, or enough administrative people available to process or prepare the tests more than once in most countries.


I’m hoping to take the N4 one in December in Seattle. I took N5 a couple years ago. I was going to shoot for N4 last year but I was sick. Recently, I reset my WK level to 1 and am going to power level back to where I was to brush up on Kanji. I think my weak point is grammatical structures, though, so I need to figure out what best works for me as far as studying.


Having a hard time deciding how to answer, so here is my situation.

I live in The Netherlands, which only offers JLPT in July, at Leiden University. But Düsseldorf, London and Paris are close enough to travel to, if you really want to take it in December (or you’re too late to sign up for July). I travelled to Paris for my N4 last December, and I want to try for N3 in Leiden this year.


I also had a hard time answering. We now have the test here in Stockholm in July, but I can go, and have gone, to Copenhagen for the test in December. However, I wouldn’t mind if only the December test were available.


And for some reason in Russia we have both july and december tests… And I didn’t know that a lot of countries don’t have that


In Germany you can take the JLPT in July and December as well. I’m in for July :sunglasses:


Couldn’t take it last December because of logistic reasons, so I will be registering for N3 in July. I’ll be taking it in Warsaw.

I think I will be good on kanji due to WK and I feel like I’m reading faster now that a few months ago, even if I read only a couple of pages a day. I still need to catch up on grammar and listening at least.


Oh that reminds me that I couldn’t register for N4 a year and a half ago because my passport was being changed due to my age D:: I will try N3 this summer, but the registration is so scary here D:: Lots of blanks, bank thingy-s for the fee, 2 photos. Do you have that in Europe/America? :thinking: I heard that you don’t need a passport really…


I registered in Zurich and I didn’t need a passport. I mailed my forms, paid the fee and got a confirmation mail. However I got my job contract cancelled, so I didn’t move to Switzerland and couldn’t go to the test :frowning:


Oof, that’s saddening on so many levels D:: I’m sorry to hear that D:


In Portugal, I did N4 in Dec of 2017. I was expecting another exam at Dec of 2018 but guess what… They canceled it and never even opened registrations \o/ So now there’s one in July of 2019. Yes, July!!! In other words, there was no JLPT in Portugal in 2018.

So I don’t know anymore \o\ /o/ |o| \o/ )o( (o).


I don’t even have a passport :rofl: Always stuck in Europe.


What \o\ /o/ |o| \o/ )o( (o)



Yeah, our ID is enough to travel in Europe… and I never travelled out of Europe… so… :man_shrugging: