JLPT 2019!


Might be that the locations with more applicants have to open registration earlier to have time to process the applications.


Germans showing off again.


I’m going to try for N3 in July! I haven’t taken the JLPT before, but I studied Japanese for 3 years in the US and I’ll have been living in Japan for a little under a year by test time, so I figure I should be up to N3 by then as long as I keep up with my studies. Going to try taking practice tests online and such to prepare. One of my Japanese coworkers randomly gave me a Nihongo So-matome N3 textbook so I’ll be using that and probably buying a couple more textbooks to supplement it.



For the record I would very much like to point out that I‘m NOT German :stuck_out_tongue: (But I‘m happy that their forms will be available soon…).
I imagine there must be other locations too that will open their sign up sooner than March and we just don’t know about it.


From what I can see, actual registration for the test is in April? Starting in March you can get the test quide booklet if you don’t want to register online, if I’m not mistaken.



In Hungary the registration opens on 4 March and closes on 5 April. (Our website isn’t so well maintained, it has © 2016 on the bottom and “Application period for the first test (July) is over” since April 2018 written on the middle of the page, but hey, at least they upload the new information somewhere…)


Yup, but some test locations offer the forms earlier. The German test sites are among them. I didn’t check any other ones since only those are relevant for me.

The test locations will maybe submit the registrations only after the official registration period has started but from a test taker perspective, you can sign up earlier. Last year for example I received my registration confirmation for Hamburg on the 2nd of February. But I got my test voucher months later, on the 30th of May.


I’ll be taking the N2 in LA on December 1st. I haven’t taken it before but I’ve been studying Japanese for a while and have a lot of material I can work with. Study buddies would always be nice though.


I’m taking N2 in July but if I fail I’ll retake it in December.

What materials are you using to study? I’m going through the Kanzen Master Grammar book. I’ll eventually use the Reading one too after I’m done.

Not sure what I should do to practice listening though.


Hi there ! :grin:

Im jumping on the N2 train too. Just ordered kanzen master for grammar with the books and ive got that 500 book people have been talking about too…

I agree though, listening just seems to be hard to train.
On top of that im partially deaf so i think all the holes in my physical hearing that would usually be fillee by my brain remain unfilled because its a foreign language, o im really struggling.
I guess for me, binge watching terrace house will have to be the answer xD


I’m up to section 19 in the Kanzen Master Grammar book and I really like it! I think the N2 one is so much better formatted than the N3. Having individual questions for each grammar point really helps. My routine is to watch the equivalent 日本語の森 video first and then read and take notes from Kanzen Master. I also translate some of the sentences to make sure I understand them. So far I’ve been getting 80-100% on most of the quizzes.

What is the 500 book?

I still haven’t gotten into Terrace House, but I have been starting to watch anime without any Japanese subtitles so I guess that’s some practice.

You might be able to get a waiver to get extra time or even be exempt from the listening section if you ask for it.

Also, happy cake day! :slight_smile:


I’m considering taking a 3 week trip to Japan to take the summer JLPT at the end of that trip since they don’t offer it in the US. I’ve wanted to go to Japan for years but haven’t mustered the courage to do so yet. Anyone have advice for a first timer to Japan also taking his first JLPT?


@lopicake if you follow this and go up to the original post theres some people recommending it.

Ah thats a good strategy. Might try the video first approach too…

And i havent ever had to do something about my hearing. I generally get through life fine and i only just recently figured that it may inhibit my foreign language listening… we’ll see i guess. I suppose once ive trained my ears enough ill be fine, just a lot of terrace house i guess (which, by the way, is super addictive) xD


I‘m not sure if I would want to go to Japan just for the JLPT in July but I guess I just really, really dislike summer heat. I have a „no Japan trips between June and September “ rule :wink:

It’s good to have the test at the end of your vacation so that you are not fighting jetlag. My only advice would be to not stress over the JLPT too much so that you can still enjoy your time in Japan. I’m usually in Japan in November and was thinking too much about the December JLPT than I would have liked to.


I went on a Monday and took the test on Sunday. That’s about right for me - a week to get over the jet lag and do some brush up (not cram, by that time I either know or don’t know, not going to learn it in a few days). I don’t want it to be so late in the trip that I spend the whole time worrying about it.


I’m mostly using some of my old college books for review, so genki 1-2 and then a rapid reading book by Mayumi Oka. Otherwise I use free online materials. I’ll try to find a link later. As far as listening practice. I try to watch anime or dramas and listen then occasionally take notes of phrases I didn’t understand.


This thread popping up made me realize that I had not yet looked whether the forms are available already for sign up in Düsseldorf and they are indeed. Maybe some other large test locations have also put them online already?

Having “forgotten” about this might be my subconsciousness trying to tell me that I’m in way over my head and should rather give up now than have all that stress, almost burn out and then fail. But I’ll be all “lalalalalala I can’t hear you” and go ahead and sign up anyway tonight. Ha!

Edit: for Düsseldorf apparently you have to print and send it to them via mail. What is this, 1995? :smiley: Hamburg and Vienna managed to do this via e-mail but they are smaller locations, maybe that’s why.


I had a dream last night that I passed the N3 (which I plan to take in July). So, here’s to hoping. :crossed_fingers:


So I’ve just been putting together a new study schedule in hopes of both preparing for JLPT better and also strengthen my ‘real life’ Japanese (aka actually use this for something rather than just keep piling on passive knowledge).

What I’m a bit stuck on are two things: the speaking and vocab.

I know the speaking is entirely my own fault for never finding a conversation partner. The problem is now I feel like my ability is so low I couldn’t even hold a basic conversation. So if anyone has a tip on how to get started on my own, with like basic exercises to get my brain accustomed to this part of Japanese, that would be super.

As for vocab, how do you prepare for the JLPT in that aspect?
I’m planning on taking N2 in December and I’m just wondering what resources you use to get the vocab required.
I’ve been using memrise so far, but I’m not sure if I want to continue doing that if there’s a different way. SRS is really good for me but the lack of vacation mode really does my head in (I travel a lot, which means short, but frequent breaks of studying. Short enough to not interfere with my knowledge, but long enough to give me too many reviews to tackle afterwards)

Hope anyone has pointers on those :slight_smile:


Speaking: Would italki be an option? I started with 0 experience when I was still at genki chapter 1 and could not say a single thing. I would not have wanted to bother a language exchange partner with this but a paud teacher was „scary but ok“. My Japanese still sucks but I’m very comfortable with trying to express my thoughts in idiot Japanese and not giving a f*ck :upside_down_face:

For vocab I have Anki decks with N3 vocab and I add example sentences for stuff that won’t stuck. In the core deck I enabled only the N5-N3 items and am going through those. Worked out fine for N4 but mighr be unmanageable for later levels. I‘ll find out…