Jlpt 2018!


I didn’t get out until something like 4-5pm. It was a long day


Just the answer I was looking for, thank you. I think I’ll book parking until 6pm, as it’s a 24hr slot this also affects my arrival time the night before so much appreciated! :+1:


If you wish to sit JLPT in AUSTRALIA, today is the LAST DAY for registrations:


Registrations CLOSE on September 6, at 5:00pm (AEST).


Arrived yesterday!


Holy shit that is so cool!
Congratulations!! It must’ve been a ton of effort!


久美麗 :star_struck:


Just registered for N5 in Denver! :slight_smile:


I saw this thread and thought ‘Ah, yes I must apply soon’ and went on to apply for N4 in London but its all fully booked :disappointed:

I only left it so late as I was torn between N5 and N4, ah well. At least I have more time to get my grammar up to scratch (and Kanji, oh and listening)… then hopefully have more confidence for N4.


I was going to apply for the JLPT because I thought my university requires it, but my department never accounted for a native English speaker entering and therefore I only have to take the TOEIC




I’m also registered for N4 in December! I’ve also never taken the test before, so I’m not fully sure what to expect. How are you studying for it?


I’m living in Japan as an English teacher right now, so I basically pay really close attention to when the Japanese teachers are explaing grammar points, I learn all the vocab that my students are learning, and I’ve been trying to read NHK Easy a lot. I’ve also been translating the (super basic) English textbook into Japanese. Also, I watch a lot of English TV, but dubbed in Japanese without subtitles. That way I at least know the story so I’m not totally lost.

From what I’ve heard from the practice tests from JLPT themselves, the listening part (for N4 at least) isn’t at all what real people ever sound like, so I’m sure it’ll be interesting. I’ve been looking back at the practice tests every now and then to see if there’s anything new I understand.


Wow, that is amazing! I will have to study in completely different ways because I am currently residing in the US. :smile: Although, I am interesting in teaching English in Japan for a while just so that I can improve my language skills. Thanks for the ideas though! I might check out NHK Easy.


Question: are the JLPT website in your experience a good indication of which level test you can take? The N4 questions seem to be a good fit for me, only got a couple questions wrong on the extended (self check) test, but half of the listening practice questions didn’t even play. Is the real JLPT really the same speed? How does the practice test compare to real life?

On japanesetest4you.com I think the questions seemed more challenging.


going for the N3 in December…i haven’t sat for it ever before, and i last sat for JLPT two years ago… i’m still trying to cram my way thru grammar points as much as i can, considering work and rl situations leave me with almost zero free time,but i want to try it… went to japan recently, my comprehension and spoken japanese are pretty okay, but i’m worried about grammar. grammar grammar grammar… and also?? listening?? i’ve done zero of that for N3… yeaaah

good luck to all sitting for the test in December


I’m taking the exam in Athens btw, registrations opened up this past Monday and will be open for one more week, if anyone was wondering


Do you mean how does it compare to the test you will sit for? Or how does it compare to the way people speak in real life.

N4 is still much slower than native speaking speed, so it’s much slower than real life.

As for the difficulty of the sample questions, often those ones on the site are used as examples on the actual tests, where they show you how to mark the sheet, etc. So they are slightly easier than the real test questions, in my opinion, but not hugely.


Thanks, yes I was asking how it compares to the actual test. I signed up for N4 in Paris, all the registration instructions are in French, so I will see if I make it, haha


If you ask YouTube for “JLPT N4” you will get lots of videos with exercises (which seem to be old tests). Some of the videos have the answers at the end (it is often indicated in the video title). I only took N5 so far, so I cannot comment on the N4 videos, but I found the N5 videos comparable to what I encountered in the real test.


Is Kumirei your real name??

How is it possible to put in such name on the certificate? :o