Jlpt 2018! (Results are now online!)


I actually scored well enough to pass each section but didn’t score enough to pass overall.
I concentrated on reading and listening when I was studying. Particularly listening. I thought as long as I could pass listening that I would score enough in vocab/grammar and reading to get enough points to pass so I’m disappointed with my scores for those, especially vocab where I thought I’d done well.
Also, I feel that the published practice tests are of questionable quality since I managed to well in those prior to the test.
I guess I need to find a tutor who can slap some sense into me.


thank you!!


Passed N3! On to N2…


Nah, you did crazily good! And reading back my comment, I just noticed now but just to be sure, sorry if it felt like I was diminishing your achievements in any way (What I feel is the complete opposite!) m(___)m


Failed N3 by two points but passed all the sections individually. I feel like kind of an idiot because I thought I’d do better on the grammar but I also didn’t bomb the listening section like I’d thought. I kind of want to go for N2 in December anyway since I was so close this time but I’ve also heard about how big the jump between the two levels is, and that if I can’t pass N3 already I don’t have a chance.


I passed N1! I couldn’t have asked for a better score, really, after just passing N2 in July! :blush:
And being able to say I passed N1 with a score of 111 is a cool thing in itself :slight_smile:


Also studied for a similar amount of time, had a similar score distribution for N2 and thought I did way worse on listening haha
Let’s take it in stride onward to N1! haha congrats buddy


I used a tutor last year for my N4, which I passed. It was the best thing I did for learning Japanese and exam prep. My tutor and I worked through a book of reading questions and we practised the rearranging words in a sentence exercise a lot because she thinks they are the most difficult… Some practice materials are harder than others. The level of difficulty varies between publishers. You might have used one of the easier publishers.


Huge congratulations! Hearing that you made the jump from N2 to N1 in six months is also inspiring as I try to figure out where to take my study now. (Until today I was fully, completely planning to be in a steady, but somewhat relaxed, N2 review mode until July. Now that I know I passed, it’s already a given that I’ll wind up cramming and shooting for an N1 attempt. Not that I necessarily like that. I just know it’s going to happen.)


Good morning to everyone in my time zone :smile:

I passed N4 !!! Listening went a lot better, than expected. Congrats to everyone!


As long as you don’t give up, you‘ll get there eventually. One of the good things about failing N1 is that you know that a lot of others needed multiple approaches too. It is frustrating but failing it and then getting back up and trying it again is part of the game it seems.
I wish you good luck and that you will notice a significant improvement next time!.


Well I certainly didn’t expect that :sweat_smile: Felt pretty confident in the vocab/grammar/reading part and not confident in the listening part at all. Now the result are like flipped… :thinking:


After I failed the first time in July 2017, I finally passed the December 2018 JLPT N3 level! :partying_face: yay I’m so happy!
I feel more motivated to take the N2 this July. I already know I’m gonna fail the first time but that isn’t going to scare me. :facepunch:t2::raised_hands:t2:%E3%82%AD%E3%83%A3%E3%83%97%E3%83%81%E3%83%A3


I passed N5 :slight_smile: Now I am going to tackle N4 in summer this year


Failed N2… this time was really frustrating since I know I changed a correct answer for a wrong one… and I made 87 point… Just 3 stupid points :sob:
And I know in the reading a I lost a lot of time due to mistakingly recognizing 折 for 祈, having to guess on a good part.

At least this was the first time (in four years… unfortunately no longer a student I cannot dedicate hours to my study :disappointed: ) I almost made it. An probably a lot of this is thanks to wanikani… well see you next December (no July exam here :sweat: )
At least, on the bright side, I got an A in Grammar! The B in vocabulary was expected since is my weakest point.

Language Knowledge 34/60
Reading 24/60
Overall 87/180


Hey guys, just wanted to add, if you failed this time around, that’s more than okay. It takes bravery to walk into such a difficult test. Having failed before, it feels so much better walking in and knowing you put in the effort rather than not having had tried at all.

Also the plus side is, you know what the test is like and what your weak points are, so you’ll be better prepared for next time. Just keep at your Japanese studying and remember to go at the pace that works for you. Learning is for a lifetime, it’s not a race. Just don’t give up. :+1:t2:

Also for current JETs who have just passed the N1, N2, or N3, CLAIR just sent out the email about the grant application so you can get your ¥5,500 back lol. :sparkles:


I passed N4, but scored about 20% lower than I expected. I guess they must penalize a lot for guessing the wrong answers? Oh well. I did learn valuable lessons: e.g. studying for more than 30 minutes for the listening section is a good idea :sweat_smile:


passed! :wink:


I was worried because I felt I messed up the listening part, but…

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Now I have more self-confidence. :smiley:


Nice one! :slight_smile: