Jlpt 2018! (Results are now online!)


'Eeeeey. We N2, baby.

Really thought I’d miss it based on listening, but it wasn’t even by a tight margin.

127/180. A on Grammar, B on vocab (which was about how it felt; I knew walking out of the building that day that I’d swapped two vocab questions to the wrong answers during review; also knew going in I hadn’t had time to cover the full range of words it might test having just taken N3 in July). 43 on reading and 41 on listening.


I knew listening has always been my forte so not really surprised, i should REALLY like REALLY study more grammar and read more


Thank you!! :blush:


26/33/38 (with a total of 97! How close is that!) for the N3, but I passed! Especially proud of this as this was the day my ex broke up with me (after the exam, but the tension was there). Ha! This one is on me :slight_smile:


Long time lurker on the forums, happy to say I’ve finally earned my stripes :slight_smile: (even if only by one point~~ lol)

Certainly want to continue on improving from here, but super happy in the moment!

Thanks everyone~~~ and congrats!


All As? That’s crazy. That listening section felt HARD. Guess the “scaled score” thing worked in my favor. Well, 3-hundred-something days to N4, and now I have some experience with the test and know what to study better. :slight_smile:


I passed N2 with 97/180 after studying for 2.5 years. Last year I passed N3 with 103/180. The section scores are a little strange: Language Knowledge 37/60, Reading 21/60, Listening 39/60. I thought I would have a better score in reading and a lower score in listening.

It’s not a very high score but a pass is a pass so I’m happy :slight_smile:


That’s right, I did it! :joy:
Number 4, are you kidding me? :grin:


I’d like to announce that I would like to buy all my fellow N2 passers this round drinks.

I can’t, because you can’t buy people drinks over the internet, but Id like to express the sentiment.


I see. I have improved every time. I got 75 this time. So we are about in the same boat. I passed every section though with “B”

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I was scared to look, but I took courage from all you brave souls. And the JLPT gods came though with a lovely little birthday present for me.

(I’m not sure why registration numbers are so secret but since everyone else hid theirs, I followed suit.)




Is… Is this Spanish?


You just passed katakana N1.


Really sorry to hear that. hugs

I didn’t know there was such a difference between getting “A B” versus “B B” in the reference information.


I knew I failed as soon as I finished, but now I have it in writing ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I’m a little surprised that my reading/listening scores are higher than vocab/grammar though! I literally ran out of time reading and left some bubbles blank, while the listening… I just didn’t know what was going on at all.


I passed N5 but I did way, way worse than I’d thought. Not happy.


Took me like, 2 hours to look because I was so worried… This thread helped though

I think I was right on track with my guesses, but I definitely did better on listening than anticipated :smile:


Passed the N2! N1, here I come! See you in July, you SOB!


As expected I didn’t pass. I went for N1 (again) and got an overall of 70/180

It definitely felt much better than last year, but I went significantly worse on listening this time. It’s a bit frustrating (not that I expected much of it) since I got almost half of last year’s 30 points =/

Btw, I still need to compare with last year scores