Jlpt 2018! (Results are now online!)


Great, yeah let’s do that. :slight_smile: I always enjoy the chats I have with people during the JLPT because it is the only time I ever get to meet fellow Japanese learners in real life.

Apart from the obvious stuff (YouTube, Netflix, JapanesePod 101, CDs that come with textbooks and graded readers), I am using the following Anki decks:

  • One of the core decks to which I added JLPT info and then I only enabled the N5 - N3 entries; I set it up so that on the front there is only the sentence audio, everything else is on the back
  • My subs2srs deck; I had set it up to have audio & text on the front but now I changed it to contain only audio and I try my best to get it right. I used to have multiple decks but in the end I always end up in my Shirokuma Cafe deck so this is what I’m focusing on now. Probably not ideal since I’m getting used to their way of talking but I’m learning a lot and am enjoying it.
  • Vocabulary: I have a JLPT N3 vocabulary deck and wrote a script that downloaded audio for most of the cards; at the moment I have text and sound on the front and I think I’m going to keep it that way because audio only might be too hard and annoying and I believe Anki should be set up to be as fun and easy as it gets

Apart from Anki, supernative.tv is also quite nice but I never seem to be able to make a habit out of it (I guess that’s mostly because I can’t use it properly on my phone).

I don’t know if you are using Anki but if you are interested then let me know and I’ll find a way to share my decks.


Thanks for your answer. But won’t they need some kind of super computer for that. If I understood it correctly then they are assigning a certain amount of points to every possible possibility. Like 1 wrong 2 wrong 3 correct; 1 wrong 2 correct 3 wrong and so on ?


Yes, exactly. They haven’t published the exact details as far as I know, but the description they did provide on their website somewhere (I have trouble finding it every time, but it’s there if you click through enough) indicates that it would indeed scale exponentially with more questions.

They do independently score the sections. They could independently score each 問題 in the section and add them if it got too large to manage, but they didn’t say that (and didn’t say they didn’t do that).

Note that this means there is some inherent subjectivity inserted in the score. They spin that as “make sure the passing score is about the same level of proficiency, independent of the exact questions asked”, meaning someone who barely passes this time is the same level as someone who barely passed last time even if one of the tests was much harder than the other. But it could also be said that “a person (or group of people) decides how proficient you are based on your answer pattern, not your objective number of right/wrong answers”.

I think what we’re hoping (at least I am), is that the listening sections were very hard this time, so feeling like a failure is to be expected, our true proficiency is passing, and the scaled score will rescue us from the unusually hard exam. Fingers crossed.


Ok, thanks for your explanation. Seems like they keep an element of mystery in there on purpose.
I hope so aswell. The first 問題 was pure guessing for me, then it got better.
Wishing you best of luck for your result!


I imagine it is less than 2 weeks to results. :pray:


Last year I got the result 24th Jan but I don’t know if it will be the same this year.


Both 24th Jan (Dec '17 JLPT) and 22nd Aug (Jul '18 JLPT) JLPT results came out on Wednesday. I predict it to be 23rd Jan this year then. :grinning:


Now you can start to panic :fearful::scream:

From the JLPT website

The online Test Results Announcement for those who took the Test overseas will be available for viewing from 10:00 am on January 23 to 5:00 pm on March 31 (Japan Time) 2019.


Oh man they told us it would be Feb so I thought I had more time, I’m not really sure I’ll even check though.

Thanks for the info!


For what?


It probably will be February for the physical mail. They usually mention both when the test ends.


Mental preparation


Blissfully ignoring failure/Mental preparation

Yeah, I know, they said Feb online March for physical


Hmm, never heard of it taking that long ever, but I suppose it could depend on which country you’re in.


To be honest, it takes so long for the result announcement that I end up wanting to see it much earlier than panicking.


I’m not ready to have officially failed.


Me neither. I actually got my dream job in November at the Boston Career Forum and the date I can start working for that company depends on whether I pass or fail JLTP N2. I really don’t see myself emailing my future colleague that I failed and that I am not going to be able to work right after graduation from college but only later once I can pass N2… waiting for the results is so intense and stressful but at the same time I am not mentally ready to see them


Hang in there!!!


Thank you!


Best of luck. Hopefully you can pass it with flying colours and get your dream job!