Jlpt 2018! (Results are now online!)


Did you do the test in Düsseldorf? I think I saw you. Not totally sure though.


Wow, the dutch post seems to suck even more than the German one lol


yeah, i did the test in düsseldorf. which level did u do? and i didnt see a penguin with a hat there XD


Also N5 … Went quite well. Kanji were way to easy… Thanks WaniKani ( I guess )


This is a fair complaint but the lack of it has made it passable for me so I’m okay lol

but really though it’s odd that a language exam doesn’t test any speaking or writing. I’m sure there are reasons but if you think about it it just makes no sense…


At the scale of JLPT, it would add a huge amount of labor hours to get it graded in a reasonable amount of time.

If you live in Japan, the J-Test is a proficiency test that includes written answers. They’re not so much about “writing” in the sense of “composition,” but they basically represent questions that have no multiple choice options.


I’ll take it in Leiden next year July!! Will you be there again?

wait a second should i be worried about my certificate for next year now lol (if i pass)


Of course! That makes a lot of sense. It already takes a long time to grade so I completely understand.

What is interesting (and a different discussion) is that the JLPT seems to be seen as a good indication of Japanese level even though skills like speaking and writing aren’t tested. I’m not sure to what extent, but I know my speaking is far, far, faaaar behind on my other skills, and I really feel like I’m getting away with it like this haha.


true. the kanji part was suprisingly easy. but next time i have to work more on my grammar skills.


Probably! I’ve just started studying for N4…let’s see how that goes :stuck_out_tongue:
What about you?


Samesies! When I started the kanji I got so confident about the rest of the test…but then I hit the grammar…


I’ll definitely go!! I’ve been studying for the N2 since July now and I’m really excited😂 for me the JLPT motivates a lot so it’s nice to have something to work towards to


I might also go for N3 in Leiden!


Oh oh we should all definitely keep in contact and see if we can find each other then​:joy::star_struck:


@Maaike @NathaLire @Omun (and I know there are more Dutch students here, just can’t think of them)

Yes! We should start a Dutch jlpt prep forum topic. How are you all studying? Self study? Kotatsu?


Lettuce start the group topic!! I’ll go for it now

I’m studying by myself at the moment but last year I had classes in Japan!


I’m indeed doing self-study. ^-^ Maaaaybe a local course, but quite unlikely.

I currently have no JLPT aspirations, but I’ll duck into the thread at times. :purple_heart:


It’s also just to discuss how we study, since I always have trouble finding resources in the Netherlands, or just Japanese food :slight_smile:


Also, I feel like testing speaking and writing ability necessarily introduces a level of subjectivity into the grading process. Which is fine in a smaller class, but would be problematic in a worldwide standardized test, especially a hypothetical speaking component.


Wrote my N5 and felt very, very confident, so much so I regret not stretching for the N4. How did people find the N3? I plan on writing it next December.