Jlpt 2018! (Results are now online!)


I instantly regret this.


well, I guess I’ll practice more listening next year. :crazy_face:

I hope my WaniKani powered kanji knowledge makes it so that it was good enough to pass but not sure.

But so glad it’s over. No matter how it went, we all hopefully have a few weeks at least of not preparing for the JLPT ahead of us. Freeeeeeeedom!!!


Waiting for n3 in Paris! #stress


Took the N3 today.

Was in a position 3 months ago to either choose to take the N4 and probably pass comfortably or push myself to take the N3 and risk failing. I think I will probably fail this time around but I’m glad I took it. Definitely at a higher level than if I settled for the N4 and now I have a good idea of what to work on plus valuable exam experience.

Good news: I found the kanji section way easier than the rest of the test. WaniKani works!


I haven’t had enough review since passing N3 last July but was surprised that I was able to read and answer enough questions in the grammar and reading part but the listening section of N2 was a big leap, in terms of difficulty, from N2. Ugh. Hoping to have just enough score to pass but I’ll definitely finish all the N2 materials I have so I can retake it with more confidence in July of next year in case I fail this time.

Had a good Ramen at Kyushu Jangara Ramen in Akihabara (near test site) as a reward/consolation.


Better than previous attempt, kanji section was good, not perfect, but thanks to waninani my whole exam went much more better!
The reading part was not that good, because I had not enough time, but I do not think it was a disaster.

I found N2 listening easy, just a couple of random answer and a couple not sure, this surprised me so or I made a complete disaster or I did it well.

Now let’s hope this was the final attempt and wait for the results!


I just came home from N4.
Kanji and kotoba was definitely okay (thanks to Wanikani! I knew a lot of words from here)
Bunpou… I always feel it’s okay, then I correct it and it’s real bad… So I don’t want to say anything about that part…
Reading was OK, I understood everything I assume.
But then listening, in the first part I was still thinking about one problem and then the next one started end it was like a domino… I hope I won’t fail that part.


N1 was a lot harder than N2. Had to guess on a lot of questions, primarily in the reading section, which is always the hardest for me. Listening was surprisingly easy, but not sure if I’ll pass that either.


Same experience for me. Listening was harder than expected for me. I just hope I somehow managed to obtain those 19 points…


Sorry to bust your hope - I took N4 today and already started to learn N3 vocab last week :joy:
(there are just so many vocab, and I’m aiming for N3 in July…)

For today’s N4, I felt it was really ok - kanji & vocab was fine thanks to WK, grammar also felt mostly ok, I even managed to finish the reading on time. But listening totally killed me :frowning: I definitely need to practice more next time. Now I’m just hoping that it will be sufficient to pass the listening section…


Same for me! Took the N3 at SOAS today and felt that listening was the easiest section. Probably due to practicing with JapaNews on Youtube every evening :slight_smile: Not quite confident about how the grammar section went, somehow lost concentration during the longer texts. Our room was hot and had stale air, and there were several delays which didn’t help concentrating, including sentences being cut off in the first listening comprehension section. Ah well! We’ll see :slight_smile:


Aww man I felt pretty confident about vocab and grammar/reading (I took N4). Listening was a disaster. Even though I knew after N5 in summer that it was my weak spot. Apparently I still didn’t practice enough.
I do look forward to properly prepare for N3 next winter though. Hopefully including reading a bunch of books or playing a video game in Japanese. It’s gonna be awesome!


Just got out of the N3 at York University in Toronto. As tests go, I’ll give it a 3, which seems about right. I can no longer claim to be a self-assessed N1.

Seriously though, the first section (vocabulary and grammar) went reasonably well (many thanks to WaniKani) though I was pressed for time by the end. The reading section also went reasonably well until I realized I was out of time and needed to make a few uneducated guesses. It’s no surprise to me that I need to work on my reading. With that in mind, I’ve resubscribed to Satori Reader for a few months.

The listening section was harder than I expected. I should have practiced more, and there’s a difference between practicing with headphones and listening to speakers in an echoey room. I’ll need to spend more time with that as well.

Overall, while I feel there’s a chance I passed due to the JLPT’s grading set, I’m disappointed in my own performance. In any case it was a good self assessment exercise and gave me insight into my strengths and weaknesses.


On a train home from my first ever attempt at jlpt n5. Overall it was a good experience, vocabulary and grammar sections were rather easy and I’m confident that I passed those. What I found though, that the time is really limited and you can’t really afford to ponder over questions for too long. Worst case you have to shoot blindly and move on while hoping for the best. Fortunately I only had to shoot twice and it turns out my aim was on point :stuck_out_tongue: As for listening, while the questions weren’t difficult you certainly cannot lose concentration even for a moment as questions go fast and there is little pause between them. And it’s way easier to lose focus in a classroom the in comfort of my own room. All in all I think I did good enough to pass but I will have to definitely practice listening more.
I hope everyone did well on their attempts and see you in July!


So after taking N5 in the summer (and passing), I’d signed up for the winter N4 originally with no plan to pass because I figured 5 months wasn’t nearly enough time for me to be able to get through the material. I was intending to use it as practice and motivation to keep the study up… which worked too well as I did get through it all. All of my practice tests had been going great, and I felt like I was absolutely at the right level.

Today started well - I’m completely sure that I’ll get very high marks for kanji/vocab as I felt like I easily knew the answer to every single question. The grammar and reading was harder as expected, but still fine (weirdly I found the jumbled grammar section much easier than usual). However the listening I found a complete nightmare. I have no idea what happened. I’ve recently worked through the entire Kanzen Master listening book confidently, in practice tests I’ve been getting around 75% with some stupid mistakes, and generally I’d felt like listening would be one of my stronger sections but today it was like I couldn’t follow anything at all.

I’m pretty sure that I’ll get enough overall marks, but will bomb out on listening and fail on that. I’m really gutted and disappointed in my performance. I’m trying to focus on my original intention of this being a test I didn’t originally expect to pass, but, well, more than anything I wish I hadn’t done ok in the run up because I feel like I am capable.





:stars: :raised_hands: :mortar_board: :100: Big 合格 energy for everyone :100: :mortar_board: :raised_hands: :stars:


Totally agree. I think I failed listening and therefore the entire exam. I found a sample variant of it much much easier.


Holy crap, I completely bombed the N3! I guessed on every single listening question, and don’t read fast enough to do the reading comprehension questions well. Oh well, next time will be better!


First attempt at JLPT ever, did N2. Oof. Felt like it was going way to smoothly at first and next thing you know I have 10min left and haven’t even touched the last 2 reading sections :skull:
My concentration was already f*cked then so by the time it came to listening…I spaced out for a millisecond a couple of times and felt like that made it seem like I didn’t listen at all :upside_down_face: let’s hope my guesses are lucky lmao