Jlpt 2018! (Results are now online!)


This is a great analogy. I’m registered for the N4 in December, but passing the N2 is one of my future goals! I will definitely remember this tip for the future.


Thank you for sharing the link!


I passed N4 in july this year. Wanted to take N3 in December but completing N3 in 6 months is too much after all. Will take N3 in July 2019


I cleared N4 in july at lv 24.It was a piece of cake. There’s no need to put much effort in kanji for N4. Concentrate on grammar and vocab instead


Plus (as somebody mentioned a while ago) it’s only five months from July to December :tired_face: so it’s even harder!


Don’t forget about the Workbook they recommend as well. You can find a PDF here from the same website.

By the way, does anyone know the number of questions each section should have? More specifically for the N1.


I usually look at this page which specifies the question types and how many there are in each group, plus the timings the author suggests for each group. (This is ofc just a suggestion, but I think it’s worthwhile to think about it, especially for N2 and N1 with their single long timeslot).


Anyone doing it in San Fransisco?


Is taking the N2 in July 2019 a feasible goal? I started learning in August and I have been/plan to dedicate at least 30h/week studying Japanese.


easy to find out. try this
you’ll see what level is easy. continue your studies until the rank you wish to obtain seems doable.


Possible? Sure. Probable? I wouldn’t say so.


Challenge accepted, wish me luck!


Only three weeks left! I won’t get to do quite as many mock tests as I did for N5 but I think I’m still in an ok place. Worked through Genki II and Shin Kanzen Master N4. Currently doing Minna no Nihongo Choukai 2.
In terms of confidence, I do feel somewhat confused with similar grammar points… @_@


Yeah some grammar points are still tripping me up too. (Also doing N4).
The grammar is the only part I’m really nervous about…
Good luck!


@eefi @Airdramon

I am also doing N4 in December, but feeling pretty confident about it. I worked through to chapter 41 in Minna no Nihongo, and should also be working on Choukai Tasuku 2. Any specific grammar points you’re worried about? Maybe we can help eachother out a bit in the last couple weeks before 当日


For example I get confused with when to use ば form, たら or と which are all expressing something like “given A, B happens”.


Taking the N2 in just under three weeks!! Took a mock test this past weekend and passed with a comfortable margin, so I am hoping the real deal goes as smoothly.


The と conditional is easiest. It expresses an automatic consequence. ‘When I press enter, the cursor moves to the next line’ ‘When I turn this dial to the right, the volume goes up’. That kind of thing is all と.

EDIT: while doing lessons I came across this example sentence:
屈む(かがむ)と腰が痛いんです。When I bend over, my lower back hurts. And it seems you are the same level, so you should see it soon @eefi

The other too are more of a grey area, though my teacher has said that the ば conditional is a little more useable in different situations. The たら form is also called the irrealis, used for talking about wishes and stuff, I guess? ‘If I win the lottery, I will book a trip to Japan’ is a situation in which たら would be most appropriate, I think


I’m taking the N3 December 2 with just a little over a year of self study.

My tutor and I seem to both agree that the N4 would be too easy of a passing grade for my current level, and that N3 should be pretty challenging. I kinda wish I signed up for N4, but if I passed it I would’ve been disappointed (in a weird way).

Anyone looking to practice at a N5-N3 level? Just casual messaging/chatting using various grammar points. I’m taking the N3 but if anyone is doing N4 or N5 and would like help let me know! Refreshing grammar is always good.


I have the same feeling. I did a N4 practice test, and that didn’t feel challenging. I do like that I will likely have time to properly check my answers before time runs out. I caught myself on a couple mistakes during the second read through. I kind of hope the test will be both more challenging than, and same level as the practice test. Also, too little kanji :-l