Jitsu/nichi and getsu/gatsu

Um, why are you guys littering this thread with kittens??


Because kittens


Come on guys, don’t spam a serious thread.

@sagecedar One thing that might help is to remember that question words follow the same reading as their corresponding counters. Since 五月 is ごがつ, 何月 is なんがつ. Similarly, since 十二日 is じゅうににち (you have to look after 10 for when the 日 counter is regular), 何日 is なんにち.

Other than that, I don’t have any more suggestions. I can tell you that these days I intuitively guess correctly most of the time, so I think you’ll get a feel for it over time.




Can’t tell if that was a pun or you’re being serious. In any case, we could always use more kittens

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I’ve been struggling and I came here for help. While I appreciate those who took me serious, I find the spamming of kittens not very encouraging and a total turn off. Please take this seriously or you’ll find me not wanting to use WaniKani.


Real deal here is to be able to differentiate this exceptional readings and little nuances.
Mnemonics can be useful…

Sorry for my comment, it was a bit of a joke with your use of the word litter.
In any case as for me I just remember the readings word for word with the kanji that have many readings like these. Eventually after learning enough words you may get a feel for the proper reading at times but there will be a lot of exceptions.

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I apologize for making you feel as if we weren’t taking your question seriously, we typically contain our shenanigans to the Campfire section of the forums but got a bit carried away – please don’t let our silliness discourage you from seeking help and asking questions, I can ensure you this is a very helpful community of users ^^


Yeah, I can get behind this.

As seanblue said, even when there isn’t a rule, you will start to get used to which ones are used by feel and experience.

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