Jitai not showing new fonts

Someone please help me. I downloaded new fonts to go with the Jitai extension but none of them are showing up beside one new one (Mincho maybe? It’s a serif font). The only other one is just normal WK sans-serif font. Does this have to do with the font names when I write them in? Am I writing them in the wrong spot?? Getting very frustrated with this.
I’m in Firefox 80.0.1. I downloaded and installed all the fonts onto my computer. I copied their names from my Fonts settings page after they were installed. Were those the wrong names to use? All of my other extensions are working perfectly fine.
Here are screenshots of what my variable fonts list looks like.

Also going to mention that these fonts work perfectly fine in a Word document.

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I believe I had a similar problem-- have you tried restarting your browser/computer?


Oh wow, that was a surprisingly easy solution, thank you! I just checked and immediately saw one of the new fonts.