JBC's NO.6 's Discussion Thread


I think I just learned the word for “spasmodic”?

Weird reading, too: ほっさてき


Just noticed that there is not yet Memrise course on the OP, which is a Wiki. I will edit and add Memrise.

I would like to be able to edit the Memrise course (@riccyjay). I will add new vocab and Kanji on reading the second time (Currently at 85%). Will re-read after finishing the book, while waiting for 秋の牢獄 to start.

The Memrise course is at mid 2nd chapter. Seems that it isn’t updated anymore.

I like the current format of this Memrise course.

  • Front: Kanji’d vocab
  • Back: Kana (spacebar) Meaning

Planned format for Kanji (which would be probably beyond 常用漢字)

  • Front: Kanji
  • Back: Emphasized reading (ON or kun.okurigana) (spacebar) De-emphasized reading (kun.okurigana or ON) (spacebar) Meaning
  • Emphasis will be personally chosen. Meaning will be checked with Kanjipedia.

Also, I might be creating a Google Spreadsheet for vocab and Kanji in No.6; to be easily exported to Anki; as an alternative to Memrise.

Can’t believe I actually read No.6 to nearly the end while understanding essentially nothing. Will catch on grammar (and vocab) later (on the re-reading). This is the first light? novel I have read to nearly the end. I have never seen the anime, nor read the manga, btw.


No problem. Tell me your username on Memrise and I’ll add you as a contributor.

I stopped adding to it because I wasn’t finding it that useful myself. Too many words to add, and lots of them only used once then never again. Autumn Prison might have a better vocab set for useful study, though.


Just renamed my username to “polv”.


Okay, added!


Regarding your first question, the rescue takes place outside the limits of No. 6. The narrator says that the wall is hidden by a forest, after which there is a wastland. My understanding is that on the way to the corrections institution the car is accosted. Though it’s not explicitly written, I think they already have crossed the gate, but were on their way to entering into the wasteland. I say this because right before, Rashi tells Shion to etch the scene of trees in his head because he won’t see those where he is going. After Nezumi saves the day the narrator says they make a u-turn and approach the wall obscured by the trees. Does any one else disagree with this?

For question number 2, Nezumi crashes the car because he thinks everything went off a bit too easy. So in a way, he does it to prevent Rashi and the others from intervening with their escape, which Rashi almost does. Does some of the other readers agree with this or am I off the mark here?


Actually, added Kanji section to Memrise course (for the existing vocab).

I wish there were more Kanji (and vocab).

And the corresponding spreadsheet for my scribble: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hhZee7LOQjn7LxINe8I4CGO387KnQoToAXZ53d5kU1M/edit?usp=sharing


I’m having problem understanding the page 47. There is yamase who is a new caracter. He his with Shion in the park. He’s talking about robot and there is a prototype of robot that have probleme. He is talking about and control device too. Can someone help me plz???

Thanks in advance


Can someone summarize the insect names in Chap 5? There seems to be many Katakana and scientific name too!


@polv Thanks for the addition to the course! :grin:

@icefang97 To give a summary of pg. 47:


We cut to Shion, who’s now 16 years old, and working a job at the city park. Yamase is his co-worker, and together they’re in charge of operating and maintaining the robots that clean the park. I think the most significant part of the robots being “prototypes” is that they’re still in development - they can only perform simple tasks and even then they break down fairly frequently. Yamase is managing the robots through some control device with a screen (I imagine some sort of computer?), and notices something weird with the robot nicknamed “Sanpo,” who’s out cleaning up trash. So, he calls Shion over to take a look. Does that help give a bit more context to their conversation?

@LucasDesu Ohhh - if the trees are only around the wall, it makes sense that Nezumi takes the car back towards it so they have some cover. Reading into chapter 4, it sounds like No. 6 is indeed surrounded by a big imposing wall, but the west block is actually outside the wall and thus separated from everything else. So, just to make sure I’ve got this straight - they take the second car back into the city (at the end of chapter 3), then escape through the sewers back out of the city (and into the west block) at the beginning of Chapter 4?


Thx that help a lot. I was wondering what was that sanpo. Btw just the page before shion was in a tree watching someone dying while eating a letuce and didn’t do a thing???


Pretty positive Shion wasn’t present for that scene. It was more just a short prologue into what’s gonna happen next in this scene with Shion and Yamase.


Makes more sense now. Thanks a lot fot the help :slight_smile:


Yes, that is pretty much my understanding of what happened.


I’m also a bit confused about precisely what and where 西ブロック is. Definitely it’s outside the city proper - but still seems to be a part of its administration. I’m unsure if 紫苑 and ネズミ are actually in it in this chapter or outside it. Seems like they’re definitely somewhere kind of off the radar.

So far we’ve seen three areas referenced クロノス、ロストタウン and 西ブロック。ロストタウン is obviously where people kind of left behind by society get moved - so is 西ブロック even lower down - like for total outcasts? I seem to remember it was mentioned a couple of times in the first chapter, but I don’t remember why now.

Also, something that just occurred to me now: the nice area is called クロノス and the killer bugs drain people and make them older. I wonder if there’s some sort of draining youth from young people in order to grant longer life to others going on? Perhaps whoever ネズミ refers to as あいつ on pg 136?


It’s not exactly clear, but without really discussing the 4th chapter, the narrator says the place that they come out of from the treatment plant seemed to be the 西ブロック. But they are definitely outside the city of No. 6 because No. 6 sits on a higher incline than the place they turn up in.

According to Rashi (or maybe the narractor), in chapter 3 the corrections institution exists in the 西ブロック. So my understanding is that in the space outside of the gates there are woods where people live in abandoned houses, then beyond that is a barren place where the corrections institution exists. This entire area is considered the 西ブロック. The circumstances of why people end up in the 西ブロック is unclear to me at this point, it’s a matter of backtracking to where it’s talked about specifically. But people who live in 西ブロック are not even considered to be on the grid, as indicated by Nezumi.

I really wish to give you feedback on your question, but I’m reading the kindle version of the book. So without a sentence for me to search, I don’t know what you’re talking about.


You mean about the last paragraph I wrote? Most of it is just my speculation, but the part where ネズミ says あいつ, the full sentence is: 「NO.6のゴミ捨て場ぐらいにしか考えてないんだ。あいつは。」If he was referring to the population of No.6 in general, he’d probably say あいつら, right? So I assume he’s talking about one specific person - 紫苑’s response and ネズミ then ignoring him would seem to suggest the same thing. Perhaps a first reference to whoever’s in control of the city?


I see what you are saying. It’s possible your hunch is correct. The fact that we don’t know who is being affected by these bugs leaves the possibility open for a lot of scenarios. My hunch is that what you’re saying is correct, these bugs are either not a well-known phenomenon or their existence is being covered up from the general public. When Shion explains to Rashi about Yamase’s death, he immediately disregards the Shion’s story as a fabrication. If in fact it was a scheme to steal youth, why would there be a corrections institution? Criminals could be easily “treated” and dispose of afterward. Something about the lettuce man dying in the park tells me that this problem is not contained and perhaps indiscriminately affecting the population.


I took that as Shion was the one watching the robot interact with the guy through the screen and didn’t actually see the guy die, just saw the robot acting odd, he then tells yamase he saw some thing strange


Hey this is way late, but in the first chapter after Shion thinks about Violence chips and then if the gun shot wound on Nezumi was related, he thinks:


I am not sure about the ごと in this sentence.