JBC's 秋の牢獄 (Autumn Prison) Discussion Thread


My calendar says it’s still Wednesday :scream:


Wednesday’s the 8th, right? Do you mean Tuesday?


1 - A little suspicious of Ryuuichi. Not totally sure why. I felt like the way he claimed he just spotted Ai at the station was a little too convenient. This is Tokyo! I have to say I’m very impressed that the author manages to include so many characters while keeping the story moving in such a short space. I think in No.6 there were only about 6 or 7 named characters in total. We already have more than that, and they all feel quite distinct. In general I think this is actually a rather well written little story.

2 - For some reason I imagined it having a pointy face - like a samurai mask with one of those wire moustache things. Don’t know why since it’s not described like that at all, but there you go. Other than that, just as a floaty, white gown shaped thing. Bit like the picture LucasDesu shared.

3 - I think there’s a reason they’ve all been chosen - although I’m not sure if it’s something they all share or a different thing for each person. Perhaps some flaw they’re supposed to learn to correct or something that attracts 北風伯爵 to them - like some emotion that he preys on.


Seems like I made it through! In fact it’ll soon be the 9th here. But, I definitely had to check the date on my phone when waking up this morning to be sure :laughing:

It’s a shame it was Tuesday the 7th this year instead of Wednesday the 7th though. Who knows, maybe that means we’ll be stuck reliving Wednesday, November 8th over and over instead :scream:


My watch developed a mysterious bug at the beginning of this week where the date was a day behind the day of the week. It’s been messing with my head quite badly. I guess it was trying to get into the spirit of the book, since it was convinced the 7th was a Wednesday :rofl:

This last night it stopped charging too, so I currently can’t use it. This is more spooky than the story is so far. :no_mouth:


On pg 39, this section is confusing me - more in its structure than its meaning:


My understanding is Ai is first relating what was really happening (the others were saying it’s all because of Kitakaze Hakushaku) and then offering her own thoughts. I’m just very confused by how the sentences are ordered.

I’m also very confused about this section on pg 46:


I don’t think there’s a single word or grammar point there I don’t understand, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what this has to with anything before it. 虫歯 is just cavity, right? It doesn’t have some other slang meaning or something?

Also, spoiler: Jeez! I did not see Inukai-san’s confession coming! Interesting how it’s related quite casually, despite it being utterly brutal.


Your understanding is the same as mine so I don’t really know what you’re confused about. Is it because 思った comes before what she’s actually thinking? He moves that up to change the effect. Is the punctuation messing with you? Try thinking about it with a colon there instead of a period. He seems to have moved it up to contrast her thinking with everyone else speaking. While they’re making a huge fuss, she just quietly thought. Then the author specifies what she was thinking.

Did you read the next sentence? It spells out the significance:

笹塚さん was apparently suffering from a bad cavity, and so it puts her heavy drinking into perspective. She wasn’t drinking for fun as Ai, and most likely the reader, assumed. She was self-medicating to dull the pain. Ai thinks about how awful it must have been to repeat the same day over and over with a painful cavity and no way to fix it. This is a theme that gets carried on later, even though Ai is caught in a loop she’s actually pretty lucky with regards to the day she got stuck in. She’s in good health, the weather’s good, etc.


Yeah, that’s exactly it. It’s the combination of the full stop coming after 思った and it being joined to the previous sentence with the comma. Thanks for your explanation of why the writer might have done this. Makes sense.

For the second one, I guess I just didn’t make the connection between having a cavity and drinking. Thanks again!


I just got through that part today, how horrible to have to live that again! but i also can’t believe how many times he… you know :frowning:


Bit late, but I’ve just made a couple of Anki decks for chapters 4 and 5. Can get them here (for now - unpopular decks get removed apparently and this seems pretty niche).

Chapter 4

Chapter 5


I love Anki sets! Are there for the earlier chapters too? I have followed every comment as they come, but could have missed it.
I prefer Anki over Memrise (personal preference) and top post only links to Memrise


I made the ones for the first three chapters using the desktop version and there’s no share option (that I can see) unfortunately. I’ll try and keep adding as we go along, though.


so here is a preliminary discussion question until I can get home:

If you were in Ai chan’s position and had a friend just confess to you as Inukai san has, what would you do?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I would have stayed for the cheesecake.


Ok, so here we go:

1.Earlier in the book 藍ちゃん refers to 由利江 and the rest of the people in the world as Androids. Do you think that 犬飼さん feels like he is killing his wife and her lover, or does he, like 藍, not view these as real people and therefore not doing anything wrong.
2. Do you think the other relpayers have a similar lack of respect for the normal people in the world?

3, Do you think this will lead to the replayers acting out more?


1 - I don’t know what Inukai-san is thinking - but my first thought in response to your question yesterday was: while I would certainly find a confession like that difficult to take (although may have stayed for the cake if it were strawberry shortcake instead of cheesecake), the fact that Ai (and from such an early stage) has dismissed all the non-replayers as stupid androids would seem to be an influence in how she responds to what she’s told.

2 - It doesn’t seem that way to me so far. We haven’t seen too much of any single replayer other than Ai until now. Even Ryuuichi is an almost total unknown. (Side note, I felt the final line of chapter 4 seemed rather deliberate, like it was trying to illustrate something about Ryuuichi - I just don’t know what!)

3 - Possibly. Some of them have already been around for longer than Ai, though, and there were no hints of those who’ve been around longer being more crazy. Thinking about it, I guess if you repeated the same day often enough, you may start to think of the non replayers as non-human. Especially since every following day they’re going to be back where they were, smiling and doing whatever they do every day.


I still gotta read chapter five today, hold on guys. I had a pretty hectic weekend, I never get anything done when I go back home. :upside_down_face:

*And I mean hold on I’ll be joining the discussion soon, not hold on don’t discuss.


So…the start of chapter 6 is a bitch. I have over 20 unknown words from just 2 pages!

I’m assuming this new character is pronounced Sugita?


Yes! this new chapter is rough. And I’ve been going with Sugitaas well.


I think that the experience the replayers are dealing with are extraordinary to the point that I have no frame of reference (obviously). But in a world where there seems to be no consequences for one’s actions those who aren’t replayers can lose their humanity. If I had been through what the replayers been through, I’m not sure if I would as unnerved as I would if I were just experiencing the world normally.

As I mentioned in my last answer, I think the replayers seem to view the rest of the world as NPC rather than their real friends, families, coworkers, etc. This is definitely shown when they all abandon what they should be doing to meet up with each other in the park. For those left in the aftermath, they are possibly inconvenienced by the replayers’ respective absences: be it broken promises, being short-staffed, etc.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t.

  1. I don’t know, I kind of had this feeling that he keeps trying to punish them for what they did but every day it’s reversed. Everyday he wakes up to see her getting ready to cheat on him , as if she didn’t learn her lesson. Everyday she doesn’t know that he knows, and Then he’d wake to find that of his actions meant nothing. I bet it was pretty insulting to him. Maybe the first time it felt like he was really killing them, but after a couple times it had to feel like killing someone in a video game when they’d just be regenerated the next day. Also I would def think he’s crazy, but I think I would be too afraid to show it and I would have eaten the cheesecake with him.As a reader though, I actually kind of find it comical that he had to kill them like 10 times. Dude must have been like really angry

  2. I know Ai does.

  3. Yes