JBC's 秋の牢獄 (Autumn Prison) Discussion Thread


I know this is a bit premature, but I wanted to drop some discussion question about Autumn Prison.

  1. Autumn Prison is a collection of short stories that all share the theme of people losing their freedom in some way or another. Which form of confinement do you think was the easiest to deal with? Why?

  2. Beside the parallel of bondage connecting each story, were there any other parallels you found in the stories?

  3. Of all the characters in this book, which were the most memorable? the most inflammatory? the most kind?

  4. Which of these stories do you feel was your favorite? Why?


I’ll start by answering my own questions (late).

  1. I think the repeating day was probably the easiest to deal with because with each day, the world would reset back to what it was. The exception would be if you were having the worse day of your life (e.g., 犬飼さん and the infidelity). I would say リオ hands down had the worse situation.

  2. One parallel I found was not taking life for granted. In some form or another each character took the “normal” part of their lives for granted. When things changed for the negative (i.e., they lost control of their lives due to being confined some way or another), they longed for something different. The second book was a little different because the protagonist took life in the house for granted and didn’t realize his real feelings until after he had escaped.

  3. I would award the most memorable and inflammatory character to the same person in the first story: 北風伯爵. This being was infamous and unfortunately we’ll never know what it did to all the replayers who disappeared in the first story. The most kind was probably the man in the sunglasses. To bring the inhabitants food and other necessities on his own was far and above kind.

  4. Though I didn’t identify with any of the characters in this book, I would probably say that first story was my favorite. The idea to be able to rewrite one day in my life and to live it freely sounded like the most enjoyable despite death god looming to take you out at any moment. I also feel that the characters in that story to advantage of a horrible situation more than the other characters


Took the downtime between books as an opportunity to finally finish the 2nd story. So, I’ll take a stab at these:

I feel like all of the replayers were the most memorable, since we learned the most about them and watched them adapt to their new living situation. The most inflammatory character for me was Momose (the eyebrow man) from the 3rd story - he violently murdered Shimojo’s brother and kidnapped Rio into the cult against her wishes and even against the wishes of her “grandmother,” the cult leader. Out of all the characters I think he was definitely the most unequivocally evil.

I felt like a major recurring theme in each story was that people aren’t what they seem. Inukai-san’s confession is the most shocking part of the 1st story, and the supposedly nice-seeming man at the end of the 2nd story also turns out to be a murderer. Momose is perceived by Rio to be friendly at first, but actually only wants to use her. This is also seen on a smaller scale throughout the book, such as with Ai’s supposed friend being unsympathetic to her situation and Shimojo and Mizuna pretending to invite Rio to play.


For those of you who have completed this book, お疲れ様です。I hope that the next book will inspire a more active thread than this one. Perhaps the timing of the year really screwed things up for participation. It really affected my participation. Sorry for disappearing there for a bit.

For those of you still finishing the book, 頑張ってくださいね!


I think definitely have to agree that the the replay station was the easiest to live in. They weren’t alone or tortured, and had some ways to find entertainment.

Other than the other two mentioned, it seemed each protagonist was somewhat isolated from society and had no real friends.

I don’t know if it’s because we just read it, but I think Rio is most memorable. We basically saw her whole life and she went through the most drastic change. For inflammatory I somehow find it hard to say. And I think the most kind was The boy who found Ai. He was nice to her and didn’t betray her later.

I find it hard to say, I kind of like them all equally as much. But If I had to pick one I’d say autumn prison. I had the most fun reading that one as I think it had the most suspense and it was most enjoyable to read because it wasn’t as confusing as the other two.


Hey, @Caracal … Even though I’m about to start a new semester (in which I will be trying to learn a new language) do you want to go through one of the three stories together (very slowly)?

… Maybe between now and Christmas, or end of January?

If so, is there one of the three in particular that interest you?


Let’s see…I finished the first one, so if it’s OK with you, how about the second one? Between now and Christmas/January sounds good. (I swear my reading speed has gone down lately, if anything… :sweat:) Sorry it took me so freaking long to respond, I abandoned forums for a while…after my subscription expired and I didn’t renew, I lost the habit of logging in frequently. :disappointed: But! I will check in more often from now on!


Oh, cool! That’s okay.

What kind of pace do you want to set? I’m probably super slow as well, as my Grammar is only N5 at best. XD
Plus, I’m learning Greek now, so…

I’m excited to try this out with you! *does a little dance*


Greek? Neat! Is there a particular reason you chose it?

I guess we can set a pace and then adjust as needed. The second story is from p. 75-135, so 60 pages. Does 2 pages a day sound doable? It’s up to you when we should start.


A day? I was thinking maybe 3-5 pages a week? But maybe we can speed up around Christmas/later… ??? As we get good. I have sooooo much studying.

I was reading through some of the なぜ?どうして? thread earlier and I think I understood about 75% of the all handful of sentences I was reading? So don’t expect much from me…



Haha, yeah, you’re right, I was being overly ambitious. Goes to show that I really haven’t been keeping up with my reading practice…apparently I forgot how slowly I actually read! I took a look at the first page today and was reminded…two pages a day is a lot, isn’t it? :sweat_smile: 3-5 pages a week definitely sounds more manageable.

(For real though I gotta do more flashcards/reviews/reading, because I am steadily forgetting kanji. I keep seeing oh-so-familiar kanji and going, “I should know this…why don’t I know this!!!” :scream:)


@AnimeCanuck @Caracal Oooh could I join you guys? I bought the book way last year but didn’t end up reading it with the book club. :sweat_smile:

Have you started on the second story yet? And I’m okay with any pace. :slight_smile:


No, we haven’t. I hope to… soon… ^^; Just finished my semester but I have an outlying paper. No more Greek language though until Jan 22.

Please do!

IDEA: Let’s start on Dec 22 and read until Jan 22 and just see how far we get? (I’m taking a train for 3.5-4 hours that Saturday, and will be on my holiday then.) @Caracal too. Does that sound like a plan? I think I’m going to go off of vacation mode and get back into reviews too… maybe now in preparation for reading.


I also bought the book, can I join in too?


Of course! If you don’t mind going at a snail’s pace. ^^;