JBC's 秋の牢獄 (Autumn Prison) Discussion Thread


I chose Feb. 3rd 9 pm - 12 am because waking at 7 am on a Sunday to read is simply not going to happen for me. However if you’re willing to fudge the hours to a happy medium, 7 pm - 10 pm I might be sold on it completely.


Okay I’m not quite sure what you’re confused about :bowing_woman:t4: sorry! But if this is clear enough There are three short stories in one book, 秋の牢獄 (Autumn Prison), 神家没落 (The Fall Of The House Of The Gods), and 幻は夜に成長する(Illusions Grow During The Night) in that order. Right now we are on the third book, 幻は夜に成長する(Illusions Grow During The Night), and some people have read to a certain point, some are caught up, some are behind and come have not read anything since they droped out from the secod story, 神家没落. Now at first the most behind person was Lucas who was reading chapter 3, but with the addition of you, snowflying, and erimasu, that would make the most behind people at chapter 1.

The reason for the hangout/discord is to bring the people who are behind up to the current chapter. It would be more difficult and time consuming to do this individually because you’ll have to understand the text on your own, or search and type questions in the forum which will also be time conusuming. And with how far behind they are, it can be hard to ask questions about it. But If the people who are caught up, and also the people who know more vocab and kanji come, then we can join our knowledge together and fill in what each person doesn’t know. We are all scatterd in different levels of skill, for instance I now whats going in the story mostly because I’ve read it once, so I can help explain what some of the sentences mean because I’ve already made since of it, Lucas could probably help with kanji because he knows more than me. Regardless of level, someone else may be better at vocab than me, and can help out that way. We’ll have one person reading at time and where they struggle others can pitch in, and can also ask questions and get instant feed back. So this should be much faster than reading individually.

So it’s not a discussion, its actually reading the story. And if any questions or confusions arise during the reading, we can instantly handle it and continue to read at an okay pace. I hope that clarifies it enough and that I didn’t beat a dead horse.

Those times don’t have to be strict, I was just trying to do a morning, afternoon, and night kind of times. Of course we need to be clear about a start time so I included times anyway. Please voice your opinions on which times work for you. It’s a little bit difficult with everyone being in a different time zones but I’ll try my best to work it out.


Oh I think I totally misread my AMs and PMs here, does the Feb 3rd 9-12 time mean Saturday night (and thus a bit later in the morning Sunday in Japan)? In that case I also request a slight fudging in hours. XD


I confused it too, at first because I misread the 12 am as 12 pm.


I think it is referring to 9 in the morning EST so night time in Japan. Based on the ordering that makes the most sense since it is listed as the earliest of each set of three options for each day.


For example, for Feb 3, it is listed before 12-3 pm and 5-8 pm which makes me think it must be morning.


Based on the ordering I’d guess that was the intent as well. At any rate though it seems Saturday night in NA / Sunday morning in Japan seems to be the best time; but would the NA folks mind making it 7pm-10pm instead of 5-8?


Personally I am fine with that. Here, I will stick in a poll for it.

Hey, so people who wanted the 5-8 pm on feb 3 EST option, is 7-10 pm ok to make things work for the JP people?

  • Yes
  • No

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That’s what I missed. I thought the point was to discuss the current chapter. So I was confused since I thought that should have been much further than chapter 1 (obviously).
I didn’t think there would be catching up, and that it was a “join at your own risks” kind of situation. It’s sweet of you all to do that.

As for time, I also agree with @Snowflying and @LucasDesu. It would be nice if the discussion was a bit after 7am (Japanese time). But 8 or 9 should be fine for me. (I also completely misunderstood the meaning of AM and PM).

Edit: I just replied yes to @TamanegiNoKame’s poll to reflect that.


Yeah sorry guys I did mean 12pm(brain fart) Anyway I think 7-10 sounds like a good time that should work for those in america and Japan.


I’m an early riser, so it doesn’t matter to me (I answered yes to the most recent poll, but I’m fine with either time). Just clarifying in case there’s a conflict in opinions.

Edit: As a note, I am on chapter 3 now, but still totally cool with starting from chapter 1 if necessary. I expect to be caught up by the time we have the chat, as my reading skills are strong. My biggest reason for doing WK and weakness in Japanese in general is just that the correlation between my vocabulary and my reading skills is completely broken (onyomi destroy me).


So should we reschedule the discussion for 7-10? For the person who voted no, would changing it make you unable to attend? Please let us know what you would prefer so we can try to accomodate everyone.


changing it would make it so i couldn’t attend, but i’m almost caught up now so go ahead and help the people who need it most.


I won’t be able to attend, because 7-10 pm EST is 2-5 am for me :rofl:
I have already finished the story and I don’t think I would be a great contributor to the discussion anyway.
I’ll just ask my questions here the usual way.


So are we confirmed for 7-10 p.m. EST on Feb. 3??


Wanted to confirm my schedule before replying here, but I won’t be able to join. I finished the story this week anyway - although it would have been nice to discuss and clarify a few things with others.

Hope it goes well, and if it does maybe we can do it again at some point in the next book…


I would say so :grin: It would also seem that one person wants a discord while no one else cares so I’ll get to making one.


I just finished reading the story. I will refrain from commenting until tomorrow, but maaaan that was dark…
I just skimmed through the comments on the first two stories (I’m trying to avoid spoilers), but I assume they are going to be dark as well, right?
I may need to watch Totoro or something before I read them, then. (And a nice cup of hot chocolate).


Here it is guys!


Great! Looking forward to it :sparkles:


I am going to be like 20 minutes late because something just came up. Sorry! Hopefully it won’t be too annoying to have someone joining in late…See you guys soon!