JBC's 秋の牢獄 (Autumn Prison) Discussion Thread


sorry, i’m still a little behind, but from what i have read i think the part where she is talking about it being just her and her granny is a flash back, and the first chapter is the present.


Flashback makes sense - but wouldn’t it be the other way round? In the main story she is living alone with her grandmother. Or, sorry, wait - you’re saying the first chapter is her when she’s grown up…? That could make sense. Especially given how she seems to be getting more familiar with her powers as she grows up. Maybe she goes on to become a kind of sage - like her granny was before her?


I’m still a bit behind, (getting caught up though! ), but in the first chapter she talks about keeping her memories safe in a box in her heart, and then talks about how her grandma is the key to her memories? Or at least that is the way I interpreted the passage. She does seem to be growing in to her power though, so maybe she follows her granny. Although I’m very curious about why she seems to be imprisoned in the first chapter.

Since we haven had any discussion questions yet maybe we could just go around and try to predict where the story is going?

I think riccjay is probably on to something.


My thread is dead. :sob: I keep trying to think of ways to become more active and help people keep up.

I’m thinking maybe do you guys want to try and do a google hangout to catch up on the book? I’m sure it would be more interesting than reading alone and perhaps we could get instant clarification on what confuses us. Thus, we could catch up much faster than reading on our own and typing up questions. We can maybe take turns reading, just have a few volunteers, or I wouldn’t mind just reading the whole thing. You can stop me, correct me, ask questions along the way. Which ever everyone is most comfortable with.

But let me know if you guys are interested, we don’t have to do this from now on but perhaps in times of need we can get everyone caught up. Also you don’t have to show your face, you can show your profile pic or screen instead. If you guys have better ideas please let me know. I’m on chapter four now, and I’m going to read 5 and 6 tomorrow. In order to catch everyone up I’d be fine with starting from the beginning. So if you’d given up perhaps this is your chance to catch back up. And I’m not sure if you’ll be looking at this thread if you’ve given up, so I’m gonna @ ten people because that’s the limit apparently. I’m sorry I’ve been a bad organizer and a bad example. :’( I’ve been going through it lately, but I don’t want to make any excuses. I want to study Japanese and have fun with you guys, and want this club to be active again so I’m going to try my best to fix it.
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Yeah I was a bit confused about that too. Wasn’t she sleeping with some men too?(I read chapter one a while ago, so I might be remembering/ or have read something wrong) But she’s actually a elementary school student right? I’m guess it is a kind of prologue. Or maybe its supposed to be confusing and will make sense later. I was getting a very dream like feeling from the story but that might just be me.

I want to guess that there is a grown up version of her, and a child version of her. So perhaps chapter’s 2,3, and 4 are flash backs that are leading us up to the present? I think she definitely kidnapped as a child and perhaps she’s kidnapped again or willing goes back and agrees to the imprisonment. Maybe she wants to hone her powers and trades her freedom for it.


That’s certainly a nice idea. Personally, though, I’m happy enough just getting this one done and making a fresh start with the next book. It looks easier and the short nature of the stories should lend itself better to people being able to flit in and out of the group / discussion and rejoin without issue. It was great for me with this one, for example, that after I got lost and kind of gave up on the second story, I could jump right back in on the third one.


I managed to read along through the first story only by the help of the comments, as my understanding percentage was far below the 80% recommended. I decided to not continue on the next two stories of this book and return for the next one instead, it looks much easier and closer to my level =)


Sorry. I have been kind of a mess lately. I am trying to do the last few levels of wk at full speed right now, so that and life have been taking up most of my time. I am only 6-ish days from getting to 60 though, so after I get there, I will have a lot more time for reading. I would definitely be interested in the google hangout idea if other people are. I have read chapter 1 and part of chapter 2, but I can probably do some catching up on my own before the hangout as well if that happens. I could probably get to like chapter 4 or so in the next day or two with some work.

Also, I agree, I am pretty sure the first chapter was intentionally a bit unclear and confusing. It is a fairly common writing technique to draw people in and get them interested in a story. The next chapter so far feels like flashback that will eventually help us to make sense of the strange first chapter.


I am actually near the end of the story (chapter 11). I’m just trying to read through the story as quickly as possible and then reread it with more attention to details.

I haven’t used google hangouts before, sounds interesting.

I’ve also read the first story from the next book and it seems more suitable for discussion. So I am looking forward to reading it with everyone.


My bad. I could give an explanation, but it still doesn’t change my inactivity on the thread. I’m still behind in the book, but I do intend to read until the end. I’m willing to participate in whatever that will keep me motivated to participate with the book club. Thanks for the wake up call tag.


Okay gotcha! It’s looking like we might be doing the hangout, so even though you two are fine it’d be nice if you could come as well to help out with understanding. Plus you guys know more kanji than me so you might be able to read faster, or help me with the readings. I’m also caught up right now, but I’d do the hangout to help out the others who are not.

It’s no problem! Sometimes life is just a struggle, but what matters most is that we don’t give up. What chapter are you on? There’s a small number of those who aren’t caught up but still plan to, so we might not have to start from the beginning.

No I understand, I’d want to do the same in your shoes. :sweat_smile: Well 頑張ってね!Looks like you’re almost there. I’m not sure what chapter we’ll be starting from so trying to get to 4 before may or may not be necessary. (sorry I don’t have more info, but lets see what everyone says. )

No problem, see you then friend. :slight_smile:

Okay so it looks like we are for the google hangout session? I think I free any time, except maybe feb 1-3, but any other time should be good I think(for me). So what chapters are you guys on and what dates and times are good for you?

So I’m not sure if these count as discussion questions, but here goes(since I think it’s hard to quote things in spoilers tag, (or at least for me) please don’t look if your not caught up to chapter 6) I think only the first one is safe for those who read chapter one, but the answers may not be:

  1. It seems like everyone pretty much agrees that chapter 1 was certainly strange and might be a prologue, foreshadowing thing. Any other interpretations or change of interpretations in wake of the new information we received int he last two chapters?

  2. Did anyone else find it kind of weird the way rio returned home? I believe she was walking around for a while and then the cops picked her up and must have known who she is to have gotten her parents to come get her. But if that’s the case she couldn’t have walked that far, so why didn’t anyone recognize her as the missing girl before? Did her aunt have more people in the area under a spell too? I mean I know they were up in the woods but didn’t they go to town a few times? And did the cops no look that thoroughly when she first went missing? This might just be my own misunderstanding :confounded: Also it seems that mizuna knew she was kidnapped too?

  3. Also when she got home, her parents were so happy to see her, but did they not notice how strange rio was acting? At first she didn’t even know who they were so she had to have been pretty quite, confused and not as glee to see them either. But they didn’t comment on this. The only thing she said about the situation was that that wasn’t your aunt, at one point. But why didn’t she say that wasn’t your aunt, are you crazy? She just said forget about her she wasn’t your real aunt.

  4. She also met up with her aunt who was a… ocelot ? or something, and she seemed happy to see her. She didn’t seem mad over the kidnapping at all. So I’m starting think that she eventually does decide to go back to her aunt and agree to the imprisonment referenced in the first chapter.

  5. I kind of wonder why her friend got so mad at her. The magic wasn’t even dangerous or anything.

  6. So when she saw mizuna again and put those moles on her face, did mizuna see them too? I thought only people who practiced magic could see them. But it seemed like she was saying that mizuna got upset and would go to a dermatologist and that her illusion would last a couple days to a week. Or did I read that wrong?


I’m on chapter 3. Recently I’ve been working an extraordinary amount of overtime, so it’s been a challenge to get back on the wagon. Once again, sorry everyone for not being available to completing the reading.


I can be free pretty much whenever. I have a lot of freedom to shift around my schedule right now so whatever time and date seems best for everyone else, I can probably make work. I going to finish chapter 4 today, but I also would not mind doing earlier parts of the book if people want to. A second read of stuff is always nice practice.


i’m on chapter 3 now, but i will be reading up to chapter 5 tomorrow. I’m free most any afternoon.


Hey folks, just saw the @. Sorry about falling off the face of the Earth; was having trouble keeping rl together and had to focus on that.

I never finished the 2nd story but, are we on the 3rd one now? I’d like to try and catch up - and something like a Google hangout or a Discord chat sounds awesome to me. :relaxed: I don’t mind speaking on mic or reading aloud at all. But I’m only available in the evenings Japan-time or on the weekends; perhaps sometime on the weekend would be best to accomodate all time zones?


My life is finally starting to calm down, so I’m going to try to catch up. Some happenings at work had me working a ton of extra hours, so I had no time for anything but sleep for a while. Got me behind on my reviews as well. :persevere: I’ll probably just skip the second story altogether and read it later. Not sure time-wise how I can do with a hangout/discord thing, but I’m interested for sure.


Okay so what time would work well for everyone?
EST (UTC−05:00)

  • Feb 3, (9-12am )
  • Feb 3, (12-3pm)
  • Feb 3 (5-8 pm )
  • Feb 4, (9-12am )
  • Feb 4, (12-3pm )
  • Feb 4 (5-8pm )
  • Feb 5, (9-12am )
  • Feb 5, (12-3pm )
  • Feb 5 (5-8pm)

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So with @Snowflying , @Nath and possibly @EiriMatsu joining we will be starting from chapter 1?

Also just realized discord was an option. Which do you prefer?

  • Discord
  • Google hangouts
  • No preference

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Sorry, I’m not sure I understand what the hangout is about.
I assumed it was about discussing Autumn prison, but then why from chapter 1?
Or is it about the next book?
I’m skimming through the messages above, but I don’t really get it.


I voted for the the Feb 3rd 5-8pm slot (which is Sunday morning in Japan), since that’s about all I can be awake for :laughing: In the future, Friday night North America time/Saturday morning Japan time could also work well.

@Nath From what I understand, we’re considering setting up a chatroom/voice call where members can read the book together and discuss it in real time. This could either been done through Google Hangouts, Discord. or something similar.

I believe we’re currently on the 3rd story in Autumn Prison (which is composed of 3 distinct stories), and would be starting from chapter 1 of that story in the hypothetical hangout/discord chat.


Ok, that’s what I thought at first, but messages above mentioned being on chapter 3 or above.
(Or were they talking about the previous story then?)

Anyway, I voted as well, but not sure I will join the “voice” part of the voice chat (I don’t mind typing though)


I just got back after a hiatus so again I’m not 100% positive but, I assume starting from chapter 1 was just a decision made for the hangout/discord chat, since those participating are behind schedule.