JBC's 秋の牢獄 (Autumn Prison) Discussion Thread


6 * 4 is 24 so maybe at some point the Japanese divided their day into four 6-hour parts (or six 4-hour parts). Just a guess.


Hey guys I know this is totally unrelated but I always imagine Lucas having blonde hair because of that guy from super smash bros


That was one of the reasons why I remembered. I could’ve sworn it was an item that was in the pleasant levels that might’ve been removed some time in the past. It irritates me that I now cannot find it. When I get a chance, I’m going to look through the WK blog to see if it was removed. If I did learn it from here, I wouldn’t feel too bad because was probably the second or third time I’ve seen that specific use of that 四六 to refer to 24.

@AngelTenshi I’m not sure who you’re talking about (with regard to the Smash Bros reference), but I’ve only gone blonde one time in my life on a bet. Sorry to destroy your mental image.


Oh…it’s okay and here you go:


If I remember my prior research correctly, the original method of timekeeping the Japanese used came from China, based on the 12 zodiacs. They had 6 units of time for day (sunrise to sunset) and 6 units for night. Day and night were divided into two sections each、comprising of three sub-units: Day was split between morning (sunrise to noon) and afternoon (noon to sunset), and night was split between evening (sunset to midnight) and night (midnight to sunrise). Each of these sections also had “half” units, dividing them further into six.

The old units for time used the same characters as now 時、分、秒, but, unlike western time, changed duration based on the almanac’s measurements of daylight. As a result, a 時 could be anywhere between 25 minutes and 2 hours and 50 minutes long. In winter, night would have longer measurements and day would have shorter measurements, while in summer, the opposite would be true.

My guess is that the phrase came about because their were six 時 per time of day of which their were four.


Interesting. I always imagined him as the guy who is - for some reason - barred from my apartment building.


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I’m a little behind at the moment with my reading but I quite like the stuff happening in chapter 6 at the moment.
Had this one sentence here that I somehow have problems with ( Page 53 ):
especially the bold と somehow makes no sense to me. I don’t get what the sentence is trying to say.
I think it’s the if meaning here. Does the sentence before have the connotation of “When noone was paying attention to us”? (got not popular…)"

And to get the discussion a little bit started again: Who else was thinking along the lines of 藍ちゃん about the escalation possible amongst the replayers. Especially given how annoying 杉田さん seems to be ^^


I’m not sure about the と, but i took the sentence as a whole to mean something like:
when 久美ちゃん and i were alone (became alone) we cursed the idiots fully.


Here’s how I parsed this passage:
周囲に人気がなくなると - Whenever no one was around,
久美ちゃんと私は彼らの愚かさについてたっぷりと毒づいた - we’d thoroughly cursed their stupidity.

What makes this passage a bit tricky is と has the implication of more than one instance because it is used as a natural reaction to the condition proceeding.


Yeah LucasDesu. So you guys get as far as I got with this sentence ^^.
A little strange the usage of と here, isn’t it :D.
But thanks for at least confirming my translation.

Got to talk with a Japanese friend today. She said for ones 人気 is not にんき but ひとけ in this case. That clears up what 人気がなくなる is supposed to mean :D. And then she said と in this case is just exactly the same as たら just more “novel style”.


Is it safe to say that the discussion questions aren’t coming this week? I’m just confirming because I want to make sure there’s no over lap when I submit mine for the end of Autumn Prison.


Need some help here!
Page 39


It’s difficult to help when you don’t specify what the issue in particular is.


Fair enough.
Specifically parts in bold and general translation of the sentence.


Okay so, did you guys know that there’s a limit to how many things you copy in a kindle book? This really pissed me off because I can’t look up conjugated forms in the dictionary would copy and paste things into imiwa. So I read the last for chapters mostly just skipping words I didn’t know. I surprised myself with how much I was still able to understand. A lot of what was looking was me just second guessing myself, so I should probably be more confident and I’d have more copies.
But now when I really don’t a word, I guess I’ll have to take more time to investigate it, or skip it. I skipped this time because I was behind and read chapter 6 and 7 yesterday, and 8 and 9 today.

So about that ending Where was is? Jk but seriously, I can appreciate the beauty in an ambiguous ending, but come one, I really wanted to know the reason they were repeating and the purpose of the white ghost guy. Honestly, I should have seen this coming. What were we thinking? A resolute ending for a short and mysterious story? Lol that’s cute.


This sentence is tough because I understand the general idea, but translating it into understandable English is a bit of a challenge. Mainly because I had to reread through the entire passage to figure out what was happening again. So we now that coming up to this question Aoi has an encounter with the Count for the first time which triggers her to think about the various discussions that has been had regarding the connection between the Count and the various disappearances within the disappearances. So the sentence prior to this starts with:

“I thought (about the time) when 笹塚さん, 長老さん, and others stopped showing up everyone made a fuss that it was the Count’s fault.”

Which brings us to your sentence which I would parse like this:

“Why to the extent that they stopped coming to the park, do we bring up supernatural things that we don’t understand.”

Obviously I’m not 100% about this, but that’s one way to look at it. Hopefully that should help you to understand this a bit.


so it’s november 26, I’m going to start reading chapter 1 of the new story :heart:

EDIT: I read the first chapter but have no idea what happened hahaha (will re-read again)


EDIT: forget what I wrote. The moment I pressed publish I remembered ひらく…