Japanese101 - Have you tried it? Do you recommend it?

I had a 2-year membership a while back (and downloaded a lot of the audio files and pdfs for future reference) and I liked it. As the only grammar learning source, I don’t think it would be that great, but it was good listening practice coupled with repeated information that I could listen to during my long commutes. I don’t commute much anymore since moving so I haven’t used it for a while, which is a shame because I really want to know the resolution to the story about the twins separated at birth (I enjoyed the skits).

We have a stickied resources list as well.

If you’re looking for audio/video resources, in addition to SambonJuku and Misa already referenced, I’ve used these:

Grammar Based:
Game Grammar (fun, but maybe not the most efficient use of time)
Learning Japanese
Learning Kanji (JLTP test prep)
Cure Dolly (Like the way grammar is conveyed, hate the presentation. Play at 1.5 to 2X speed for your sanity)
Arai Channel (relatively new channel. Taught in Japanese)
Nihongo no Mori (dunno what happened to their N4/N5 content)

Just for fun (varying levels, most are probably beyond anyone not around N3 tbh):
Khan Academy Japanese (videos teaching in Japanese)
Watercolor by Shibasaki (like Japanese Bob Ross A++)
Arata (Vlogs)
Kimagure Cook (Cooking!)
Taigu’s Heart of Buddha
R-Games (Let’s plays!)
2 Brothers (More lets plays!)
牛沢 (and more!! I have a particular hobby…)
花江夏樹 (guess lol)