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Hey all!

I’ve been self-studying Japanese for about a year and a half now, and while I’ve found WaniKani to be great for learning Kanji, and Pimsleur to be okay for speech practice, I feel as though I’ve yet to find a good worksheet equivalent - something that has me do sentences, paragraphs, et cetera, and then checks my work.

What do you all use?


Are you speaking specifically automated type things like Wanikani or just in general? I can be more specific in my answer for what I use currently if I know that, but I will go ahead and tell you anyway.

I like Minna No Nihongo a lot, it is a textbook series like genki that has practice exercises at the end of each chapter and then tests after a few chapters etc. It has all the answers in the back so you can check whether you were correct or not. It also has extra writing practice books etc if you want more practice than what the book gives.
For an app or computer type thing I like both Hello Talk and italki. You can make up your own sentences/paragraphs etc and put them on there and native speakers will correct what you have written. I find it a great way to make up my own journal entries or whatever you want and post that to get feedback, good practice for creating sentences or whatever out of your own mind. You can also add speech or talk into hello talk to get feedback on pronunciation etc.
Other good resources I have used as far as questions are any of the jlpt like n5 or whatever level you are on books they have lots of question sections and usually have answer keys with them.

Maybe those suggestions will help a little =D


I started using Pimsleur as well and I found that my speaking skills have started to improve. As far as worksheets go, I currently am doing the Genki textbook that has a practice exercises, but you can also get the workbook which does help reinforce what you just learned from the chapter.

Another person recommended the Japanese MIT OpenCourseware which I did find a great resource to get some worksheet practice. Japanese MIT OpenCourseware
Happy studying! :blush:


I’ll give it a shot. Thanks a bunch for the recommendation!

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That’s all super helpful. Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:


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