Japanese words for Magic and Miracles

I’m trying to come up with a bit of descriptive language for the process of brewing sake and I am trying to describe it as somewhat magical. I’m trying to come up with something like ‘the magic of brewing’ or akin to ’ the magic of Disney’ and I’d appreciate some thoughts as to the right words.

What I’ve got


What I really want to know is if these are magical in the positive sense of the word.

So you would definitely want to go with 魔法 when describing this. It doesn’t have a very negative meaning to it and is much more common now a days with how much the word is used in anime. The other words are pretty rarely used. Of these I would probably go with the second one. which translate to “brew master magic”. the first one makes it sound like the warehouse is magic not the sake.

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Thanks for that. The 魔 kanji is very pleasing as well.

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