Japanese Words by Theme(100 lessons in total)

Hi, I’m Marshall! Happy New Year! あけましておめでとうございます!

I think remembering vocabulary is a headache for many Japanese learners, so I made a gift for you. I made 100 word lists and organized them by theme. And I add the example sentence for every word too. Hope it’s helpful!

Word Lists by Theme

I will make more free useful learning materials and share them with you! If you have any difficulty in learning Japanese, just let me know! I will help you!


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Other Free Bonus


thanks for sharing!

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I just checked the list for the zoo, but why did you only put 象 in kanji? Arguably 麒麟, for instance, isn’t very common, but 猿, 熊, or 鹿 are.

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Yeah I think the only time I’ve ever seen it not on some quiz show is on the beer can.

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