Japanese Word Games


So I randomly stumbled upon a Japanese word game app here that I actually really enjoyed. The problem was that my vocabulary is very limited and the game doesn’t really tell you what the words are (the only category I could really play was どうぶつ). I noticed that もじさがし seemed to the ‘common’ name for these types of games and I tried a few but all of them are purely text.

So my question is: does anyone know of a similar style word game but with pictures? That way I can start associating and actually learn new words. The closest I got was this game here しりとり and it’s really a fantastic game (minus the ads) because of the pictures but it’s only pictures so I can’t really effectively play it. A crossword game like this one could also work for me if the hints were English words.


Man I thought this post looked familiar, then I was like, hey! Thought I could see the future for a second there.


But to answer your question, no, I do not know of any word games with pictures. Or any at all really. It’s not something I’ve really looked into.


Yeah, I realized I probably posted it in the wrong section but it wouldn’t let me delete it. :<